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News: The AudioVR Network

The name AudioVR sits next to a pair of headphones wrapped around a virtual reality device. Article by Adriane Kuzminski.

Photo: AudioVR


Co-founders Jesse Holt, Chris Hegstrom, and Jacob Pernell would like to invite you to join their new network, AudioVR. Virtual reality is in its infancy, ready to be molded and defined by passionate and talented communities, and AudioVR aims to be the hub where sound pros can translate their past roles and redefine audio for the future of VR development.

Currently, they have a VR audio news blog, an upcoming podcast and newsletter, a growing Slack group and Facebook group where you can meet other audio pros and nerd out about the newest updates and games, and local Meetup groups for those who’d like to talk shop over a pint. Currently, meetup groups only exist in the US and the UK, but if you are interested in starting an AudioVR meetup in your area, contact them and let them know!

So if VR makes you excited – as a musician, producer, engineer, audio designer or audio programmer – check out the AudioVR community and help them discuss, collaborate, educate and define the future of VR audio.


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New SFX Libraries: April Recap

Three boom mics sit on a rocky beach facing a choppy sea underneath a blanket of dark clouds. Article by Adriane Kuzminski.

Photo: Tim Prebble

If you are releasing a new SFX library and you would like it to be included in our recap, send us the details with our SFX Independence Submission Form. Please only notify us of libraries that were released within the last month or substantially updated.

Last month, our community produced 15 new sound effects libraries with locations ranging from deep ravines secluded from humanity to places most people would like to avoid — the courthouse. You’ll find forest winds, ambiences from Berlin and the Mediterranean, energy weapons, battle horns, transit sounds, feedback and signal interference, elevator functions, FM and granular synthesis, electronics toys from the 80s, canyon reverb, cinematic impacts, and courthouse ambiences. Two libraries on this list are completely free, and at the end of the recap you can read about a site full of free SFX that raises money for Deaf Child Worldwide. Can’t ask for more than that!


MPLS Light-Rail by Undertone Sound Library
For their most recent sound library, native Minneapolitans Undertone Sound Library captured the sounds of their beloved local transit system, the MPLS Light-Rail. This library features 30 tracks between one and a half and five and a half minutes in length with interior sounds such as door functions, announcements, stops, walla, bells, horns, and the train car traveling at different speeds. It also contains exterior recordings of the subway’s bells and horns as well as fast and slow passbys. If you’re looking for metro sounds for your film or game, check this library out.
(30 WAV files, 24-bit/96kHz)

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News: The Audio Commons Initiative Survey

The words Audio Commons sits above and below three sound waves. The ends of the middle waveform circle around it much like the recycling symbol. Article by Adriane Kuzminski.

Photo: Audio Commons


Audio Commons, an initiative to promote the reuse of Creative Commons audio content through a user ecosystem, is seeking participants for their Audio Commons Initiative Survey on Creative Interaction with Audio Content. The goal of the survey is to gain insight into how audio content is used, such as samples, loops, sound effects and songs, as well as define strategies and technologies to improve workflow for all those involved.

The survey takes about 5-10 minutes to complete and your answers will remain anonymous, though the statistical data may be used in academic publications. If you have any questions, their contact information is found on the bottom of the opening page of the survey. If you would like to receive updates about their work or take part in future surveys, Audio Commons would also like to invite you to join their audiocommons-friends mailing list. Here’s to share and share alike!

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News: “Telling Story Through Sound” – A Two-Day Intensive Course

Students engage in a discussion at a Cinema Jam course at the National Film and Television School.

Photo: Cinema Jam.


On 28 and 29 May, BAFTA-winning sound editor Eddy Joseph is giving a two-day intensive course called “Telling the Story Through Sound: From Batman to Bond“. The seminar is presented in partnership with ShortCourses@NTFS, and it will run from 10:00 to 18:00 at the Cinema Jam HQ, located in the Collective Temperance Hospital on 110 Hampstead Road in London.

Expect lively discussions with Eddy as he shares experiences from his 40-year career, having worked on culturally significant films such Evita, Casino, BatmanHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, Interview with a Vampire, and Pink Floyd – The Wall. Eddy will discuss practical solutions he learned on the job as well as how students can apply these lessons to their own work. The course will also include the guest lecture “Subjective Sound in We Need To Talk About Kevin and ’71” by sound designer Paul Davies.

For an extra perk, light refreshments will be provided during the day as well as a complimentary drink in one of the local pubs at night. So if you live nearby London and are a sound professional, director, producer, editor or someone interested in cinematic storytelling, don’t miss your chance to register and learn from a blockbuster veteran.

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News: Annual GameSoundCon Survey

GameSoundCon - The Art, Technology and Business of Game Audio - September 27-28, 2016, Los Angeles, CA. Article by Adriane Kuzminski.

Photo: GameSoundCon

It’s that time of year again, and the folks at GameSoundCon are conducting their annual Game Audio Industry Survey. The survey will be conducted until 31 May, and it is aimed to reflect current trends in the industry relating to compensation and budget, work and environment, use of live musicians and middleware, education, job finding, and contract terms. If you are an employee who receives a regular paycheck from a company, or a freelancer who is paid by the project, GameSoundCon would love to hear from you. Your answers are anonymous, and they will only be used for statistical purposes.

It’s also not a bad time to mention early bird registration is now open for GameSoundCon, which will take place at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles on 27-28 September. Everyone is invited to attend, whether you are a composer or producer transitioning into games, an audio pro interested in understanding more about the technology and business side, a game music researcher, or someone looking to network or learn how to get into the industry. The conference is also accepting speaker submissions, particularly those about audio for VR, game music post-mortems, and peer-reviewed game audio research. To learn more, check out their ‘Who Should Attend?’ Page as well as the descriptions of their 2015 Sessions.


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Media Sound Hamburg – Including Master Class with Randy Thom

From July 8th through July 17th, Internationale Film Fernseh und Musik Akademie will be hosting Media Sound Hamburg; its 6th International summer school for film music, game music and sound design. The event will be taking place at Elsa-Braendstroem-Haus in Hamburg-Blankenese, Germany. Additionally, Randy Thom will be presenting a separate Master Class July 8th through 10th focusing on sound design.

A flat-rate ticket for the full event (excluding Mr. Thom’s master class) are 1.800 €, the “Forums” only ticket is 150 €, and tickets for Randy Thom’s master class are 4.000 €.

For more information, visit the Media Sound Hamburg website.

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News: AOS Presents: Dr. Godfried-Willem Raes and His Robot Orchestra

Dozens of robotic orchestral instruments line the walls of an industrial performance space. Article by Adriane Kuzminski.

Photo: The Robot Orchestra at the Logos Foundation Performance space -

Recently, Architect of Sound interviewed Dr. Godfried-Willem Raes – General Director of the “Robot Orchestra” Logos M&M (Man and Machine) Ensemble, President of the artist-run Logos Foundation of experimental music and sound in Ghent, Belgium, and composer – or music maker as he puts it – of new-music.

For a small taste of the article, the Logos Foundation was named after ‘Logos 3:5’, a piece a young Godfried-Willem Raes wrote in conservatory and performed with students – which lead to the group’s ban from the conservatory. Luckily, the group stayed together and evolved into the new-music production center. The ensemble is now a 67-piece robot orchestra and a crew of (human) musicians, dancers, technicians, and others who travel around Western and Northern Europe to perform and host workshops about instrument creation. To learn more, read AOS’s interview linked above and check out the Logos Foundation’s schedule of upcoming events.

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News: The Detroit Chop Shop Summer Internship

If you are a student or recent graduate over the age of 21, Ric Viers would like to invite you to apply to his internship at The Detroit Chop Shop. This three month unpaid internship is an opportunity for you to learn how to record, edit and design sound effects, attain real-world experience, participate in Chop Shop projects with clients such as ABC, ESPN, BET, HGTV and Skywalker Sound, and receive mentorship under Ric Viers.

The deadline for submissions is May 13, 2016, and the internship runs from June to August 2016. To apply for this program, submit a video (strictly one minute or less) to, expressing your personal charm and why you think you have what it takes to intern at the Chop Shop. This internship is all about attitude, so no resume or credits are necessary. Since the Chop Shop values attention to detail, visit their website to learn what will be expected of you, as well as the specifics of the program and the tone of the directors. Good luck!

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Monthly Theme: Research



1. the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.
“This month on we’re going to be looking into the subject of research”

1. investigate systematically.
“What have you been researching? Would you like to share it with the community?”

The current state of audio technology is fascinating. A single person from home on a laptop can create their own DAW, plugins, use them to make music, mix a film, and author playable media. Physical modeling allows us to recreate believable sounding instruments from pure math. We can create convincing spacial audio in 3D game engines. We clean up audio removing extraneous noises with the precision of a surgeon who leaves no scars. We can capture the acoustic properties of a space, apply it to any sound, then remove the reverb we just added as if by magic. We can even morph and change the acoustic properties of a live environment in real-time. We can control sound with the press of a key, a slide on a touch-screen or a gesture in the air. But how did we get here, and where are we going?

For this month, DesigningSound is going to be looking at the subject of research and how it applies to audio. How does one conduct audio/sound research? What landmark studies contributed to where we are today in the audio-verse. What studies are currently being carried out and where might they take us?

Please email doron [at] this site to contribute an article for this month’s topic. And as always, please feel free to go “off-topic” if there’s something else you’re burning to share with the community.

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Remembering Jory Prum


The game audio community would like to recognize the passing of a friend, innovator, and legend in Jory Prum who passed late last week.

From his parents:

We are deeply heartbroken that our son, Jory Kyle Prum, passed away last night, April 22, 2016. We placed him in God’s hands and he was taken around 9 PM. We were by his side as he took his last peaceful breath and completed a 41 year life that was full of passion, love, music, technology, humor, and generosity. As an international pioneer in video game audio, he touched thousands upon thousands of people around the world. Self-taught, he was a computer genius, as well as a consummate sound designer for film and video. He was unique–a one of a kind–free spirit and Renaissance man that will be missed and kept forever in our hearts.

Leslye & Sam Prum

It’s the most difficult to let go of those who have affected us the most. That we should live without, however loosely connected, makes life feel lesser for their passing. When left with only memories, it is through memories that we keep their spirit alive. Jory left many positive memories during his time and I expect these to continue to resonate for long into the future.
Please feel-free to contribute to the memory of Jory in your own way in response to this.

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