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Posted by on May 21, 2014 | 2 comments

Sound Design Podcast Roundup 2014

Photo cc: zoomar

Photo cc: zoomar

While Designing Sound is snuggled firmly in the warm and cozy blanket of text articles; it’s not always the most convenient way to absorb information. Whenever I am walking on a hiking trail or making a long (or even short!) drive I don’t usually listen to music unless I am out of new podcast episodes! People may be aware of the podcasts we have covered and collaborated with recently but I thought it would be cool to wrap them all up into a nice little bundle for everyone!

Here’s a roundup of the sound design podcasts that I listen to regularly:

 d78665f87f3411e3b5750e3183fdef5a_8Beards, Cats, and Indie Game Audio

Hosted by Matthew Marteinsson and Gordon McGladdery who are both super great and talented Canadian sound designers. Focusing on the indie scene; their game audio insights and experiences are wonderful and always teach me something new. The podcast is monthly and under an hour so its impossible to get sick of these guys.


gap_button_05-150x150Game Audio Podcast

Damian Kastbauer and Anton Woldhek’s podcast is no stranger to readers of Designing Sound. The show doesn’t have a regular schedule unfortunately but I suppose scarcity helps fuel demand. Great podcast run by great people. If you work in or around interactive audio; you are doing yourself and those you work with a disservice by not listening to this show.



Also no strangers to Designing Sound. The Tonebenders podcast has been going strong for a while now, is definitely my favorite podcast to listen to. The podcast is monthly in addition to the smaller “soundbytes” episodes. Their most recent episode with Ann Kroeber is absolutely a must-listen.  Recent podcasts have also in some way tied into our own monthly themes here on DS so how couldn’t they be on this roundup?


Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.32.13 PMAudioNowcast

Just starting their 9th year this monthly podcast has been going strong for longer and any other podcast on this list. From the horse’s mouth: “The AudioNowcast is a pro audio podcast that covers all aspects of audio in the music, recording, film & television industries. Topics include: song writing & music marketing; recording & mixing; location sound, sound design & sound editing. Our panel is made up of industry professionals who share their insights, stories and tips.”  While this podcast isn’t explicitly about sound design-only as they also discuss music; there is more than enough meat on the bone when it comes to sound design and they always seem to eloquently fit sfx into the discussions.


gameAudioHour04Game Audio Hour

Full disclosure: I am a regular panelist and even have hosted an episode.

Airing live via Hangouts every Monday at 6pm PST with shows going up on iTunes soon after. This podcast much like the AudioNowcast also chats about music in addition to sound design.


mza_4921747507213756341.170x170-75Talkin Toons with Rob Paulsen 

This podcast isn’t very sound design-y I know; but I find this podcast about voice acting to be incredibly insightful and useful as someone who has done voices and edited voices. This podcast helps expand the tools in my toolbox, so I thought I would also include it! It doesn’t hurt that it is full of tons of voice actors I have heard from my childhood including Rob Paulsen himself who played Raphael, Pinky, and Yakko to name a few.


Please share your favorite audio-related podcasts in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook!  


  1. Thanks for putting this list together, a couple of these I hadn’t heard of before. Though I don’t listen to it as much as I used to, “Sound Design Live” is a podcast that focuses on sound design in live settings such as theater. There have been some great episodes in the past and I just checked and it’s still running with the latest episode coming out last month.

  2. I’d add the home recording show to that list.

    while its generally about recoding music they do all kinds of mic shootouts, technique tests, etc. also Jon and Ryan are a blast to listen to. highly recommended.

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