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SFX Independence – March 2014

A lot of great new libraries were released this past month, and a few must-haves are currently on sale. If you’re looking for places to spend your hard earned audio dollars, be sure to review this month’s round up below. And, of course, don’t forget to check out our post on Animal Sound Libraries from just a few days ago for more great suggestions.



Blastwave FX – Crashes & Explosions


We profiled Blastwave FX’s Crashes And Explosions Combo Pack last month, but wanted to note that it’s gone on sale for a limited time. You can now get this collection featuring over 1,000 HD sound effects, with tons of glass, metal, wood, rock, brick and other crashes, as well as earthquakes, fireballs, and explosions, for only $99 (down from the usual price of $149). Check the Blastwave FX website to learn more.



Samuel Justice – Kershaw Eight-20 Camera

Samuel Justice FX

Samuel Justice recently made a free sound pack available, containing recordings of a Kershaw Eight-20 Camera from the 1950’s. The sound pack contains some great small mechanic sounds and general movement sounds, recorded close up, off axis, and 2 metres away. It should prove a great addition for your mechanical sound design needs. Check Samuel Justice’s website for more info.



Rabbit Ears Audio – REA015 LA Underground

Rabbit Ears Audio – REA015 LA Underground
Rabbit Ears Audio brings you a collection of fantastic Los Angeles ambiences via guest contributor Charles Maynes. In describing his motivation for creating this sound pack, Maynes says “I found myself interested in recording ambiences in really seedy/unsafe places downtown that made me think of some of my favorite LA crime dramas namely, Billy Friedkin’s Too Live and Die in LA, and Michael Mann’s films, Heat and Collateral. I found the locations for all those films to be an incredible juxtaposition of the common sunny depiction of Los Angeles which draws so many tourists… well, those tourists probably don’t go to these places….”

Our own Samuel Ejnes talked in-depth to Maynes about his work on this library as well, and you can find the DS interview here.

Recorded at 24 Bit 96kHz, this collection of 73 Stereo Files is now available for $65. Check the Rabbit Ears audio website for more details.





Having a good collection of room tones is vital for a sound designer. Giorgio Rolio over at SoundFXWizard recently released his SILENTSCAPES collection, featuring 36 high quality recorded and fully mastered roomtones, ambiences, and background sounds, containing both indoor and outdoor locations. The library is now available for $33.80. Go to for more information.



The Recordist – Crazy Animal Month

The Recordist

DS featured Animal Sounds during the month of February, and you can check out Jack Menhorn’s review of some great Animal sound libraries here, but it’s still worth using our March round-up to call attention to a few special animal-related sales going on right now. Frank Bry, aka The Recordist, has declared March “Crazy Animal Month,” and is celebrating by offering discounts on two of his must-have libraries, the Pigs HD Pro and Devil Dog HD Pro SFX collections. These are high quality (and slightly bizarre) animal sounds that are perfect for your creature creation needs.

Use the code THISLITTLEPIGEE to save 50% on Pigs HD Pro ($15.00), and the code DEVILMADEMEDOIT to save 20% on Devil Dog HD Pro ($40.00). You won’t be disappointed.


Pro Sound Effects – Rare Animal SFX Library

Pro Sound Effects – Rare Animal SFX Library

The Rare Animal Sound Effects Library is a comprehensive collection of over 1000 unique animal sounds from field recordings around the world. Pro Sound Effects sourced the nature catalogs and archives from its existing global partners for the rarest field recordings, the most unusual of which were hand-selected by Brooklyn Sound Society’s Neil Benezra to re-master and restore. This collection of animal effects was edited and optimized for game and interactive industries in mind, so most are shorter, trigger-able sounds. The library also contains a collection of ambiences—longer, environmental sound effects that can be further edited, or used as backgrounds.

The collection retails for $299, but you can use the code “KRUMP!” to get $100 off the retail price. Be sure to check out the Pro Sound Effects website for more information.

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  1. Soundopolis recently released two libraries!

    CB Radio – only $3! (released in February)

    FREE SFX 2! – 60 sounds for FREE! (released 2 days ago)

    Check them out here:

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