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Posted by on Feb 26, 2014 | 3 comments

A Few Independent Animal Sound Libraries To Check Out

Animal Sound Design and Recording Month is coming to a close so we thought it would be neat to do a roundup of just a few of the indie SFX libraries out there that have great animal recordings.

(Disclaimer: I sourced suggestions from the Twitter community and my own experience so this list is not intended be comprehensive, simply a few strong suggestions. If you feel there is a fantastic library that we left off this list; please post it in the comments!)

The Recordist – Devil Dog









The Devil Dog is an other-wordly creature that may or not be here to frighten children. This library has great (but weird) dog sounds and is packed full of variations which make it great for designing creatures in games that may require multiple sounds that still share a similar sonic character. The Recordist has other animal recordings that I implore you to check out.


 Hiss and Roar- Seal Vocals








By far the most suggested library for me to include on this list. I have used this library on many a creature, as I imagine many others have. Great recordings.



Boom Library – Tigers & Lions











Boom Library also has quite a few great creature libraries and I think Tigers & Lions is phenomenal. Lots of variation and types of sound. Definitely worth it!



Sonic Salute- Pigs FX








Sonic Salute (like all of the others on this list) consistently deliver great sound libraries and Pigs FX has great grumbles, whines, squeals and everything you could possibly need to make a monster or hellbeast , or maybe you just need a pig sound. I guess you could do that too.


Please add more animal library suggestions in the comments! 


    • Fantastic! Thanks for pointing that out, Felisc!

  1. Hiss and a Roar has the new Macaques library, and Boom also has Horses. It should be easy to find those through the links above.

    I would also suggest people check out Coll Anderson’s Dog and Pig libraries at: There’s some very cool stuff in those.

    Let’s also not forget Chuck Russom’s “Dogs” ( and Colin Hart’s “Hart a Gator” library (


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