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Posted by on Dec 3, 2013 | 5 comments

All Those Important Little Touches…


Sometimes selling the story isn’t about how cool that weapon sounds, how intimidating the monster vocal is, or how eerie the wind feels. Sometimes, the sounds that are needed most are those tiny little touches we take for granted. Getting just the right footfall, the rattle of keys as they’re shoved into a pocket, or the gentle rustle of fabric that comes with the turn of a head. This month we pay homage to foley, because without it everything else we do feels just a little empty.

This is a website run by the community, for the community…and your voice is always welcome. If you’d like to contribute to this month’s topic, share an “off topic” idea, or are interested in contributing to next month’s topic (dialog)…then contact shaun (at) designing sound [dot] org.


  1. Looking forward to it :)

  2. Hello Shaun!

    First I’d like to thank your entire team at DesigningSound for such a wonderful place to read great articles from professionals all around the world!

    It’s great when you have such an opportunity. But the one thing that always made me a little bit sad, it is that there is no such place (at least I don’t know about it) in the audio community where not such well known people could share their experience and works in a more affordable way and more importantly – receive a feedback.

    For example in art, there are such places like CGHub, deviantArt or Polycount where hundreds or thousands of artists can in very simple way demonstrate their works and receive feedback from other people. I know a lot of artists and they always say to me that such places gave them an enormous amount of experience.

    But sound designers don’t have such centralized sites and all what they can do is just upload their works on Youtube or Vimeo and receive some occasional comments from random people.

    I know that it’s hard to create something so strong like CGHub, but DesigningSound is one of the most known places among the audio community and I think if it would have a forum section with a free registration and possibility to share your works and discuss others’ works… it would be so great for the community!

    You can for example go on Kickstarter with this idea and I am sure you will collect any necessary means for a half-day :)

    Thanks again anyway!

    • It’s not an idea we haven’t considered before, Robert. Your idea is very similar to something Miguel and I were discussing back when he still ran the site. Unfortunately, all of us on the site already have quite a bit on our plates. The idea may come back around again in the future, but it’s not in the cards right now. I’ll second Luca’s suggestion of It’s a great little community.

  3. Hey Shaun, I would love to contribute an article that addresses the exact topic you wrote on above- I will focus on the film realm, vs the game realm-

    cheers to the DesigningSound team!


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