New Faces On


We here at DS have finally made tough decisions in our reviewing volunteer applications. We are quite happy with our selections and rather saddened we had to turn away many more people than we were able to accept. With this new blood our goal is to bring more content more regularly and these talented volunteers will help us do so.

Please welcome:

-John D Black

-Comac Donnelly

-Sam Ejnes

-Joshua Kaplan

-Doron Reizes


We are hoping they all do quite well in their new roles here at and that they will become permanent content providers in the next few months. We are no longer accepting applicants at this time, but if you are interested in providing a guest article please contact shaun [at] designingsound [dot] org.

8 Comments on “New Faces On

  1. Great! Nice to see you on the DS team Cormac! Look forward to all the new articles!!

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