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Another Sound Effects Library Round-Up

Awesome new libraries continue to pop up. Here are some of the latest releases we’ve noticed:

Echo Collective has just released a new library titled “Motion Textures.”

This is a design package built for drawing sonic lines and creating gently moving sonic textures. The concept is that consistent sound of friction will translate well to visual design elements that have CG and text movement on screen.

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The Recordist has released his new “North Country Water HD” library.

I don’t know about you, but when I was a child and I was near water I wanted to play in it. Well, now that I am a full grown crazy person and when I get near water all I want to do is record it. So here it is, me playing around with water and a few microphones. Presenting the North Country Water HD Pro Sound Effects Library, a unique collection of water sound effects recorded in North Idaho at 24-bit 96kHz. Recording began over five years ago in and around the lakes, puddles, streams and drainage pipes here. This library includes many dual microphone recordings and very close up, intimate water events. There are some medium and distant perspectives of a few streams but this collection is basically intended for heavy sound design applications.

Tim Prebble has announced a new library that he’s about to release through his “Hiss and a Roar” label…”Entropy

Affordable Audio 4 Everyone released the “Merchants, Enemies and Townsfolk library” not too long ago…

YouTube Preview Image

And our last one is  a sale reminder about the Pro Sound Effects “Hybrid Library.”

They still have several unit remaining at their special “freelancer” pricing, but the opportunity for that ends January 31st. It’s a large “general” library composed mainly of the sound effects and recordings of independent producers Ric Viers and Stephan Schütze. Check it out while the discounted price is still available.


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