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GDC 2012 Audio Keynote & Track Slides Available Online

GDC Vault has published the presentation materials from GDC 2012 online for free. There is a great wealth of information from a wide section of the game audio community, starting with Darren Korb‘s excellent keynote speech on his experience of creating the audio for Bastion in a New York closet. Thanks to Kenneth Young for tipping via the #gameaudio hashtag on Twitter!

All free Audio Track sessions are listed and linked below for your convenience;


Build That Wall: Creating the Audio for Bastion – Darren Korb


80,000 Lines, Three Lessons Learned – Ariel Gross


Audio Boot Camp – Scott Selfon, Garry Taylor, Jason Graves, Martin Stig Andersen, Alistair Hirst, Sergio Pimentel, John Byrd, Bernard Rodrigue, Mike Caviezel

Authoring Soundscapes with User Generated Content and Automatic Audio Classification – Jordi Janer

Digital Orchestration for the Video Game Composer – Fletcher Beasley

From Minsk to London: How to make a live orchestra production in Europe happen – Pierre Langer

How To Ship a Game With Voices In 10 Languages? …On the same day? …And Keep It Consistent? – Alexandre Piche

Journey vs Monaco: Music is Storytelling – Austin Wintory

Orchestral Recording at Abbey Road for Lord of the Rings: War in the North – Craig Duman, Inon Zur, John Kurlander

Racing Games: A Semi-Formal Sound Study – Damian Kastbauer

Real-time Sound Propagation in Video Games – Jean-Francois Guay

Spot the Difference: AAA vs Indie VO Techniques – Michael Csurics, David Gilbert

Squeeze Play: The State of Ady0 Cmprshn – Scott Selfon

The Art of Non-Music: Crime Shooter Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – Mona Mur

The Dynamic Audio of Vessel – Leonard Paul

The Emotional Puppeteer: Uncovering the Musical Strings that Tie Our Hearts to Games – Marty O’Donnell, Brandi House

The Weight of the World: creating massive destruction audio for  Red Faction: Armageddon – Stephen Hodde

What We Learned About Practical Audio By Going To Disneyland – Dwight Okahara, Chris Olander

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