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Posted by on Dec 4, 2009 | 3 comments

12 Videos Featuring Walter Murch and The Sound Design of 'THX 1138'

You can’t  miss this! I just found 12 videos on YouTube featuring Walter Murch and the Sound Design of THX 1138, a classic sci-fi film directed by George Lucas. Maybe you already watched the first video, when Walter talks about the Worldizing technique, but pay attention to the other 11 videos.. really interesting stuff! If you want more get the 2 Disc Collector’s Edition of the film.

Creating Echo Effects

Cubistic Sound in the Trial

Dynamic Range in the Rushing Hallway

Jet Car Sound Effects

Motorcycle Sound Effects

Music as Sound Effects

Music Box in the MRI Scene

Radio Chatter Voices

Room Tone in the Limbo Prison

The All-Pervasive Voice

The All-Pervasive Voice

Torture Scene

THX 1138 Website


  1.  Very nice !

  2. Watch & learn. This man is a genius and an example for every sound designer.

  3. Thx for those videos ;)


  1. skyence | blogging the surface » Walter Murch über das Sounddesign von THX 1138 - [...] 09 Room Tone in the Limbo 10 Prison 10 The All-Pervasive Voice 11 Limbo Thunder 12 Torture Scene…

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