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Webinar/Discussion Group Recordings

Recordings of past Designing Sound Discussion Group Presentations

Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood (3 May, 2015)

We speak with Mac Smith and JT Torrijos about the production of their documentary, “Scouts Honor,” and what it was like stepping out of their roles as sound professionals into a broader filmmaker’s role.

Watch the conversation here


Psychoacoustics for Sound Designers (7 December, 2014)

Shaun repeats his AES presentation – a primer on Psychoacoustics ideas that present opportunities for sound designers in their work.

Watch the webinar and access the media examples here


Noah and Atmos – with Craig Henighan and Coll Anderson (11 May, 2014)

We called in Craig Henighan and Coll Anderson to talk about their work on the film Noah (Aronofsky, 2014) and working in the Dolby Atmos format.

Watch the Noah/Atmos conversation here


Remote Collaboration and Maintaining a Consistent Voice (29 March, 2014)

The audio post team for Orthodox (2014) discusses their “all remote” workflow for the film, working across 4 countries and 2 continents.

Watch the Orthodox panel here


SFX Libraries and Freelancing in Game Audio (1 February, 2014)

We assembled a web-panel that included Gordon Hempton (The Soundtracker), Douglas Price (Pro Sound Effects), Matt Piersall (Gl33k), and Rodney Gates (Sony Online Entertainment) to talk about sound effects licensing for the games industry and what makes a good (i.e. employed) game audio freelancer.

Watch the SFX/Freelancing Panel here


Small Room Acoustics webinars with Dennis Foley (August and October 2013)

In a two part presentation, Dennis Foley of Acoustic Fields breaks down the primary factors at play in our rooms and how you can make use of commercially available acoustic treatments to optimize your listening environment.

Watch Part 1: Small Room Acoustics – Waves and Rays

Watch Part 2: Small Room Acoustics – Absorption and Diffusion


Max/MSP with Les Stuck (28 April, 2013)

Les Stuck, Technical Director at Mills College and Max/MSP Guru, will be giving an overview of some of the things that are possible in the Max system, how to get started, and how and when he uses Max/MSP.

Watch the Max/MSP recording here


Loudness Metering (9 Feburary, 2013)

In this presentation Shaun Farley explains how, exactly, ITU-R BS.1770 compliant metering methods work, and the standards and applications that have been developed to make use of “loudness” metering. [Links mentioned in the recording can be found on this page.]

Watch the Loudness Metering recording here


Mixing for Web Panel (23 June, 2012)

It was time we started having some in-depth discussions centered around the growing omnipresence of internet streaming as a distribution medium and how it impacts our jobs as audio professionals. Panel Participants included:

  • Michael Coleman of Soundworks Collection
  • Paul Fonarev of Miso Sound
  • Cheryl Ottenritter of Ott House Audio
  • Ian Palmer (Freelancer)

Watch the Mixing for Web recording here


Cast Away Discussion with Randy Thom (17 December 2011)

Originally intended to be an discussion of the use of sound effects, with particular attention to backgrounds/atmos, in the film Cast Away (2000), Randy Thom decided to join us…turning the meeting into a live Q&A session. There was an error in starting the recording, and the first few minutes are missing.

When asked to describe the goals of the sound design for this particular film…he started by describing how the director, Robert Zemeckis, explained to him that there was going to be a sizable portion of the film that would have no music and very little dialogue. He mentioned how this excited him, but also that it put a lot of pressure on him as the sound effects would be integral to carrying the story over such a large portion of the film. He went on to describe that Zemeckis didn’t want any sounds of other life on the island with Hanks…no birds, no insects…and this is where the recording starts.

Watch the Cast Away recording here


Live Chat with Ann Kroeber (29 October, 2011)

This was a live discussion with Ann Kroeber during her month as “featured sound designer” (when the site still ran with that system). We began by talking about some of the ways work-flow was influenced by the advent of digital technology, and built out from there in a live Q&A session.

Watch the Ann Kroeber recording here


Catfish with Coll Anderson (25 June, 2011)

An often overlooked genre of film with respect to sound design, we chat with Coll Anderson about the use of sound in the documentary film “Catfish” (2010). This was the very first web presentation we did. As such, there were several technical issues in the very beginning of the presentation, but don’t let that dissuade you from checking out the excellent discussion. Everything got sorted out within the first 6 minutes in.

Watch the Catfish recording here