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Posted by on Oct 6, 2010 | 0 comments

Sonnenschein's Webinar Report: Week IV – Sonic Time-Space Continuum

It’s time for another report of the Sound Design for Pros webinar series from David Sonnenschein.

The last webinar was very good. David started reviewing several of the assignments of the last webinar. Then he talked about the relations between sound and the physical/social environment in a cinematic context and also talked about several techniques and methods to analyze and give emotion/storytelling power to different elements in space and time.

Then David gave us detailed information about the sound spheres theory, which is awesome to discover new psychoacoustic and geographical characteristics of sound that can help the story. It’s a very cool method.

The other half of the webinar was a very cool discussion with David and the attendees, watching and analyzing several sound design works from the participants. Today is the 5th webinar, so.. see you in the next week!

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