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Posted by on Jul 19, 2010 | 10 comments

Tutorial: Making Impact Sound Effects, by Jim Stout

The Jim Stout special was two months ago, right. But it doesn’t stops the Jim’s interest for sharing his knowledge and techniques with Designing Sound readers, so here is a new exclusive video tutorial, this time on making impact sound effects.


  1. Dear Jim,

    Cool sound.

    Why do you like the Opto version of that compressor?

  2. It’s just a personal preference. I just like the way it sounds, no other real reason.
    Logic has some great sounding effects, try some other ones and experiment with different types on different materials and see what you like best.
    Thanks for the kind words. :-)

  3. Hey Jim,cool tutorial. I was just wondering what mic you used?

  4. Thanks,
    That was a Rode NTG-3 on that.

  5. great tutorial. thanks for sharing and please keep ’em coming!

  6. hey Jim,I like your video very much ,I’m from China,you know,the goverment has blocked youtube so I can’t watch the video on it,I want to ask that you can upload the video to another website like vimeo.Thanks very much!

  7. Thanks Jim!

  8. I was wondering if you do all of your work in logic? Its seems weird considering the fact that Pro tools and Fairlight have better functionality for sound design and post production. Good video though.

    • This is an old thread, but I had to respond. Logic is a perfect tool for Sound Design for too many reasons to mention. Just like Pro Tools and Fairlight. In fact, and audio tool that works for the designer is the perfect choice as the tool has little to nothing to do with the design concepts employed in any particular project.


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