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Posted by on Feb 26, 2014 | 0 comments

The Carpetbagger Blog Talks to Steve Boeddeker and Randy Thom

The Carpetbagger, a New York Times blog dedicated to the film awards season we are now in the flush of, has spoken to Steve Boeddeker and Randy Thom at Skywalker Sound.

“Before there was a here here, I was here,” said Randy Thom, the director of sound design at Skywalker Sound, part of George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch complex outside of San Francisco. “It used to be called Sprocket Systems, in the earliest days, and it became Skywalker Sound in the mid ’80s,” said Mr. Thom, who first worked with the company on “The Empire Strikes Back.”

Randy talks a little bit about the history of the Ranch and Skywalker Sound, and there’s a 5 minute video that includes interviews with both Steve and Randy.

Check it out here.

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Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 | 5 comments

Field Recording and Music

 Guest Contribution by Dan Lyth

pianoThe story of the ‘bedroom producer’ recording music at home has been told often and I myself have happily been that character for many years. But recently, a love of field recording (and my day job as a sound designer) tempted me towards doing something a bit different. What would it be like to leave the studio and record an entire album outdoors? What happens when you attempt to perform and record music in such uncontrollable environments? And would it be possible to weave together the unpredictable sounds of these environments with more traditional performances to create a cohesive whole? I found these questions fascinating. I have also always been drawn to creative work that has taken a considerable amount of effort and recording an album outdoors whilst living in Scotland with its devious climate seemed to fit the bill…

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Small Room Acoustics – Absorption and Diffusion

The recording for today’s webinar is now available. A big thanks to Dennis Foley and Acoustic Fields for putting on both this, and our previous acoustics webinar. Keep an eye out for future Designing Sound Discussion Groups for free presentations on topics you might be interested in. Check out some of our previous ones while you’re at it…you might just find something interesting in there. ;)

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Designing Sound Discussion Group – Room Acoustics Webinar Rescheduled!


It took a little while, but we’ve finally been able to get this follow up webinar rescheduled for this Saturday!

If you’ve attended any of our previous Designing Sound Discussion Group presentation in the past (and have been anxiously awaiting the follow up presentation to last month’s with Dennis Foley from Acoustic Fields), you may be wondering where the registration link is. We believe we’ve ironed out the kings for the Google Hangout OnAir, and we’ve rescheduled it for this Saturday, at 1PM (U.S. Eastern Time). The webinar is still free, and you’ll be able to watch it right here on Designing Sound!

If you haven’t attended a Discussion Group before, this is a great one to start with! Dennis will be building on the presentation he gave in July, and helping us understand how to choose and place room treatments. This is a vital skill for any of us who don’t have the luxury of working directly with acousticians or acoustic architects. So, come right here this Saturday and be ready to learn. There will be time for Q&A at the end, which we’ll handle via comments in the presentation post and Twitter hashtags. As with all previous Discussion Groups, a recording will be available shortly after the presentation has ended. If you missed the first one, why not check it out right now?

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