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News: The Evocative Aves

Winter Chickadee by Dave J Doe. Article by Adriane Kuzminski.

Photo: Dave J Doe

The month of favorites may be over, but for me, the chirp of a wild bird can comfort at any time. When I think of an early morning robin, a lone wintery chickadee, or a nest of spring-time sparrows hidden under the roof, specific emotions evoke from the sonic data in their calls. They express the time, the season and weather, and the topography they declare home. Their calls, as well as their silence, create a thick atmosphere that can enhance just about any scene, from the mockingbirds of the South Atlantic in the US version of House of Cards to the backyard birds surrounding the peaceful but seclusive Mulwray mansion in Chinatown. In interactive scenes, they reflect the actions and the changing landscape around the avatar, signaling moods from solitude to panic, though they are rarely the cause of threat (unless you’re in Bodega Bay). In our existential life, they remind us the world continues on with or without our presence.

So, who is the owner of your favorite call? If you can recognize him or her by sound but not by name, check out The Macaulay Library from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, which has uploaded nearly 137,000 of their 175,000 audio samples online, or the Xeno-Canto noncommercial database, which allows you to search by call length, number of notes, or even changes in pitch or rate.

If your sound effects library is lacking the charm of even the intercontinental sparrow, there are several commercial libraries to meet your twittering needs. The massive Animal Planet Sounds, Vol 1 from Sound Ideas contains hundreds of bird calls and ambiences, though the bird sounds consist of less than half the library. If you are looking for a more specific library, consider Quiet Planet’s Prairies, Boom Library’s Birds of Prey and Deciduous Forests, or The Recordist’s Bats, Birds and Bugs. Each library contains over 100 sound effects, metadata, multiple versions of each sound, and a recording quality of at least 48kHz/24-bit.

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Holiday Sales (2012)

Black Friday/Cyber Monday wasn’t your only opportunity to take advantage of some awesome deals. Whether it’s the holidays or the countdown to the New Year, deals start popping up out of the woodwork. There are already a bunch in available in the lead up to 2013. Here’s a run-down of what we’ve seen so far…

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Sound Ideas Announces General HD Sound Effects Library

YouTube Preview Image

Sound Ideas is announcing the new General HD Sound Effects Library, a new collection of over 20,000 sound effects recorded at 24-Bit/96kHz. Will be available soon at $3,995 (2,995 at pre-release)

Available on Hard Drive – we started from scratch with state-of-the-art recording equipment and the best in microphones and recorded brand new sound effects in high definition 24bit / 96kHz broadcast wav files. Over 20,000 Sound Effects, including:

  • Animals & birds recorded with 3 days of special isolated access at SeaWorld Orlando
  • An impressive variety of contemporary & vintage airplanes, helicopters, cars, trucks, ships & boats
  • Not just your ordinary vehicle destruction – we purchased vehicles and totally trashed them
  • An uncountable number of props – recorded in our studio with absolutely no background noise
  • Weapons, foley, robots, airports, hot air balloons, welding, industrial ambiences, sports, crowds and more
  • Everything from an authentic World War II air raid siren to G20 protesters on the street
  • We hired experts to operate specialty items – vehicles, machines, tools & weapons – for maximum authenticity
  • Almost anything you can imagine … and a few things you can’t!

For more information, visit Sound Ideas.

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May's Featured Sound Designer: Jim Stout


A new month means a new featured sound designer on Designing Sound, and here it is: Jim Stout, who has prepared lots of great stuff including videos, tutorials and more!


Located in Austin, TX- the “Live Music Capital of the World,” Jim Stout is no stranger to the world of sound design, he’s been programming synth sounds since he was only thirteen years old. And, with a background in music production, he eventually found his way into more complex sound design projects, and has been creating quite a buzz amongst fellow sound designers and musicians. Over the last seven years he has produced no less than ten sound effects libraries, working with respected companies like Megasonics, Sound Ideas, and the Hollywood Edge.

His library Tonal Atmospheres, released in 2009 by the Hollywood Edge, has been quoted as being “richly-layered ambiences that would fit perfectly in any sci-fi or horror project….[and] clean, useful and creative,” by Post Magazine’s Jennifer Arrowood. His most recent project, GameFX (also released by the Hollywood Edge), was just launched at the NAB show in Las Vegas in April and has also been received enthusiastically by the sound design community.

Jim was also an instrumental part of the sound design team with Roland, and you can really see his programming skills shine whenever you here the V-Synth/V-Synth GT. During his time with Roland, Jim also contributed greatly to the sounds in the Fantom series, the MV series, as well as the MC series.

Jim is currently working in collaboration with Richard Divine and Josh Kay on the greatly anticipated Mechanical Morph library, and you can get a sneak peak of the behind the scenes action in this month’s feature of Jim Stout.

Some Releases

  • Hollywood Edge – Mechanical Morph (coming soon..)
  • Hollywood Edge – Game FX
  • Hollywood Edge – Title FX 2
  • Sound Ideas – The Monsters and Creatures Sound Effect Collection
  • Sound Ideas – Megasonics Sound Design Production Elements
  • Sound Ideas – Production Elements Toolkit — Volume 2
  • Sound Ideas – Production Elements Toolkit — Volume 3

James has created a very cool teaser showing some of the stuff who he will be featuring on his special. Check:

Jame Stout Official Website

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A Hard Battle Between SFX Companies at NAB 2010

See this exclusive footage from a hard and clandestine battle between sound effects companies at NAB 2010. We still don’t know how many people were injured. Expect more details soon.

Just kidding. See how this guys from Blastwave FX, The Hollywood Edge and Sound Ideas had lots of fun at NAB 2010. And Ric Viers (CEO of Blastwave FX and author of “The Sound Effects Bible”) have a message for the “lazy sound designers”:

Don’t be a lazy sound designer. Don’t just “use” stock sounds.
Design and create your own sound effects with them.
… And read “The Sound Effects Bible”.

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