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Waves Sound Design Competition: Finalists and Winner

Waves has published the results of the sound design competition where Designing Sound collaborated. The winner is Toby Hulse, who did a fantastic job on the video. Take a look:

Congratulations, Toby!!!

You can read a detailed description of Toby’s process and use of the plugins/sounds here.

Judges’ comments about the video:

Charles Deenen: “Oh, nice! The sounds provided were not over-processed, but enough so they nicely fit within the story. Sound was complimentary to the experience, and pulled me in. Well done.”

David Farmer: “Grabbed me first time through—rocked. Solidly put together and nice weaving of elements. Very tasteful. I liked this from start to finish. The process on the zoom to the mirror is great, and focuses the listener’s attention. Excellent execution of the “story,” and I felt guided through the piece.”

Scott Gershin: “I like the way you designed each section, the choices you made, and the way you contoured and designed the sound to work emotionally with the visuals. Nice pacing, well executed, on the debris field, not too sharp. I like the final touch—tasty. Excellent job.”

Tom Ozanich: “Good story telling, good flow, great sounds, well done all around. Each section had its own sound/feel, yet it all flowed well into each other.”

Top 10 Finalists

  1. Toby Hulse
  2. James M. Wearing
  3. Josh Osiris
  4. Ryan Thompson
  5. Ariel Echarren
  6. John Morgan
  7. Alexander Pugh
  8. Brett Hinton
  9. Jeremy Rogers
  10. John Loranger

More info at Waves

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Blastwave FX + Mix Magazine Sound Design Competition Results

Blastwave FX has announced at AES, the results of the Sound Design Competition. The winner is Tobias Poppe of Dusseldorf, Germany. Congratulations, Tobias!! very good job!

Poppe and all other participants downloaded 50 free sound effects from and created a soundtrack to footage of water balloons hitting people in the face. The winning prize was a one-year Mix Magazine subscription and the BLASTDRIVE ($5,999), a 397 GB. Comprehensive Lifetime Sound Design Solution (CLSDS) featuring 31,700  sound effects on a Glyph Hard Drive, a sound effects search engine (Mac/PC) and recently announced Free Updates for Life.

The Winner

“After listening to the sounds provided by Blastwave FX, I  started manipulating in all directions”, commented contest-winner Poppe on his artistic approach. “Putting sound on slow motion gives you a lot of opportunities to go crazy, but I wanted to be a bit more simple, serious, refreshing, positive and open – like water. A little bit in conflict is the extreme slow motion of the footage, which I felt I needed to serve. To do so I used more segmented kind of sounds and slow, low bassy sounds to complement the slow visual motion.”

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