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News: iZotope and Present Ask a Sound Expert AMA 

Photo: Steve "Major" Giammaria. Article by Adriane Kuzminski.

Photo: Steve “Major” Giammaria

Today at 12:00PM PST, Steve “Major” Giammaria, Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Mixer at Sound Lounge in NYC, will discuss the processes, tools and methods he uses for audio post production during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on AOTG. This event is made possible by iZotope. For more information, visit the announcement, or join the AMA, which will be active very soon.

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New Webinars: Secrets for Great Film Sound with David Sonnenschein and Ric Viers

David Sonnenschein and Ric Viers are back again with “Secrets for Great Film Sound” webinar series.

Learn the essential tools and techniques from the best in the business!

  • How do you talk to the producer to get the gig in the first place?
  • What kind of prep can you do with the script to keep under budget and get the best recordings?
  • What gear and techniques do you need to solve those tricky dialogue scenes?
  • How can you integrate your skills with the picture editor and music composer?
  • What tools are available to help audio support character, emotion and story?


Wed. April 27, 6pm (Pacific) Session – Sign Up HERE

Thur. April 28, 9am (Pacific) Session – Sign Up HERE

More info at

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“Sound Design for Pros”, New Webinar Series by David Sonnenschein

If you missed David Sonnenschein’s “Sound Design for Pros” the last year, now you have the opportunity to attend again, since David is announcing new webinar series, starting with two free introduction sessions.

Each of the six webinar sessions has an hour lecture-demo presentation, plus an hour of interactive analysis of participants’ submitted sound design (completed or work-in-progress, max. 5 minutes) and sound editing exercises to help get you out-of-the-box and bump up your professional chops.  For those who submit all assignments, a Certificate of Completion will be awarded.

Topics (by week)

  • THE INTELLIGENT EAR – Listening Modes, Sound Qualities and Bipolarities – By deconstructing the listening experience into discrete elements, the grammar of sound design language gives you access for clear and powerful communication.
  • PLUG-IN POWER – Size, Distance, Speed and Non-Physical Reality – Understanding principles of real world acoustics and palette of subjective auditory experiences offers you enlightened use of digital processing tools.
  • RULES OF the BRAIN ROAD – Psychoacoustic Principles and Applications – When the curtain is lifted on how humans process auditory information, you master the art of sonic illusion (creating and hiding) as essential tools in sound editing.
  • SONIC TIME-SPACE CONTINUUM – Soundscapes and Sound Spheres – Creating an effective cinematic space depends on familiarity with your physical and social environment, and the knowledge of how to psychologically orient yourself through audio.
  • AUDIO BUILDING BLOCKS – Constructing Sound Events and Sound Objects – Mastering techniques of sequencing, layering and mixing will infuse sonic fragments (sound effects, words) with meaningful messages (sound phrases, sentences).
  • PEOPLE, PLOT AND PASSION – Narrative Structure and Sound Mapping – Bottom line, how can sound help tell your story?  By understanding dramatic elements of character and emotion, the map can guide you to creative and impactful decision-making.

Costs and Dates

  • Series Fee: $399 (early bird discount $299 available until Mar. 18, with coupon code sdfp311)
  • Six consecutive weeks (Tues. or Wed.) Mar. 22/23 – April 26/27
  • Session 1:   Tuesdays 9-11am PST.  Sign up here.
  • Session 2:   Wed. 6-8pm PST. Sign up here.
  • Choose only one Session time.

Sound Design for Pros

Exclusive Interview with David Sonnenschein

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The School of Video Game Audio, Online Education by Game Audio Professionals

Perhaps many of you have wondered sometime if there’s any kind of online school for learning how to create audio for video games. Well, the wait is over and the first online game audio school will be launched in the next summer. It’s called “The School of Video Game Audio”. Here are the official details:

The Facts

  • The games industry is changing and expanding every month as a 60+ billion dollar industry
  • The games industry needs new employees that are experienced enough to start immediately
  • There are few options for audio professionals and students to acquire current practical knowledge of advanced game audio concepts in an easy to access and affordable manner

The Solution

  • Real world practical, leading edge training in the areas of speech, music, sfx, and presentation for games both technically and creatively
  • Program materials and course streams from beginners to seasoned audio pros wanting to get into game and interactive media
  • Students choose from pre-planned curricula as well as one-off specific courses
  • An easy payment structure that combines a monthly subscription with clear costs for exactly the courses the student desires
  • The program is created and run by leading industry experts and educators
  • Course material presented via video, real-time game engines, e-books, tutorials and tele-seminars
  • Courses can be started at any time and are online 24/7
  • Utilizes leading industry middleware solutions such as Wwise, FMOD and Unity
  • Courses are constantly refreshed to deal with the ever-evolving creative and technical needs of the game industry
  • This course strives to be the most advanced comprehensive and affordable program available

The Educators

The School of Video Game Audio was created by industry veterans Gordon Durity and Leonard J. Paul who have a combined history of over 30 years in the industry and over 20 years teaching audio for games. Their combined experience and dedication to the art and science of game audio has given their students the competitive edge in the industry. Their goal in creating the school is to raise the level of game audio on a world-wide scale by making it accessible and affordable to everyone who strives for excellence in this exciting field of development.

Sign Up here

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“Secrets for Great Film Sound” Webinar Report #6 – The Final Mix

[During this month, I’ve been doing weekly reports about “Secrets for Great Film Sound“, a new webinar series hosted by David Sonnenschein and Ric Viers]

The last week we finished the webinar series, discussing a lot of things regarding the final mix

Ric started giving a lot of advices and overall overview of mixing. He talked about how to focus the audience with the mix and also stems workflow, how to find balance in the mix, dealing with processors, and more. All his examples, anecdotes and advices were really useful for me.

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