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In Pursuit of Silence


Early last year, we pointed out In Pursuit of Silence on Kickstarter. The initial campaign was early production funding. We then had the opportunity to interview the director, Patrick Shen, while he was in the middle of production and get a glimpse into the progress of the film. Now they’re at the point where they’re working to raise finishing funds. We support this film and its efforts to raise awareness about the pollution in our sonic environments, and we want to see it completed in a manner befitting the subject. I personally have backed it both times, so I’m not sitting here to encourage you to do so without taking part myself. If you missed the boat on the previous round of funding, now’s your chance to help support a doc which is focusing on a subject near and dear to the hearts of many in the community. Please help the film make it out into the world and have the impact it’s designed to. In the very least, please help spread the word!

Visit the Kickstarter page here

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Medieval Weapons Sound Effects Library – Kickstarter Announced

The team that brought you the Free Firearm Sound Library is running another kickstarter, this time looking to provide the world with a completely cost free, high quality collection of CC0 licensed medieval weapon sounds. The project aims to include just under 500 unique sound effects, each with multiple takes, designed for use in all kinds of film and video game projects. For more information, or to contribute, check the Medieval Weapons Sound Effects Library Kickstarter Page.

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Beep: A Documentary History of Video Game Sound – Kickstarter Announced

Karen Collins, author and editor of four books on video game audio, and an accomplished sound designer in her own right, is currently directing the production of Beep, the very first documentary history of video game music and sound design. This ambitious project aims to cover the history of game audio, from Victorian mechanical arcades through today’s orchestral performances. The film will cover topics ranging from the psychology of game audio, to the use of game sound technology in pop music and other arenas, along with interviews featuring trailblazers and groundbreakers from every era of video games history.

The team is currently soliciting donations via Kickstarter. If you are interested in learning more, or in contributing to the project, check the Beep Kickstarter page.

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Designing GuitarMonics for Kontakt


Guest Contribution by Rodney Gates


Welcome, and thanks for checking out this (TL;DR) article on the creation of the virtual instrument sample library, GuitarMonics, designed for Native Instruments’ Kontakt software. It was a long road from concept to completion, and I thought it might be a good idea to discuss some of the processes and discoveries I learned along the way for those that may be interested in creating their own sample libraries, for commercial or personal use.

Having been a Sound Designer and Audio Director for video games for over a decade now, and always a huge fan of virtual instruments that load up in the computer and sound stunningly real, I felt the desire to branch out into this field and begin establishing a foothold of my own with my new company, SoundCues.

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3 Deaf Mice: A sound-music game

David Sonnenschein, the author of Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice, and Sound Effects in Cinema and founder of, has a new project. 3 Deaf Mice is an audio-music discovery game (initially targeted for PCs and Macs) where the mice need help in designing their next hit song. It aims to enhance listening skills and creativity with sonic treasure hunts and puzzles. Thanks to Aurelien Folie for this interview with David about the game and the sounds that make it.

3 Deaf Mice just launched as a Kickstarter project. Show your support by checking it out!

3DM KS head130225-2 copy

What is 3 Deaf Mice?

3 Deaf Mice is a game aimed toward our sound design community and beyond, where you discover the root of listening and how we create through sound. We do it through the story of the 3 Deaf Mice, who have been playing loud music for too long and have lost their hearing, so the player has to help them make their next hit song. To do this, the player has to perfect their abilities to listen to the world in different ways.  By solving sonic treasure hunts and audio puzzles, they’ll be able to piece together a song called “Cheatin’ the Trap”, which consists of 10 verses, 10 tracks, and 10 game play levels. Once the player has made it all the way through the game, unlocking all 10 tracks and 10 verses, they’ll be able to create their own remix by manipulating all the elements of the song. We’ll also expand this into contests for the community to interact with one another.

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