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Posted by on May 31, 2010 | 3 comments

Jim Stout Special: Reader Questions

Below are the answers to all the questions that readers made to our fantastic May’s guest Jim Stout.

Designing Sound Reader: Hey Jim, Just wanted to send a note about how much I’ve enjoyed the interviews and topics presented the last few weeks. Great material and information for a budding sound effects editor. Thanks dude,

Jim Stout: Thanks, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it. It’s been a lot of fun to do.

DSR: Hey Jim, thanks for the videos on explainging how to create atmosphere and organic sounds. I’m amazed by the openlabs neko ex5! It’s awesome and it’s a tool that you can tell it makes your life easier. How easy is to learn to use it? You also mention that you’ll put Kyma into neko. That would create the total sound design tool. When do you think that’ll happen?

JS: The EX 5 is really easy to learn, mainly because of the OpenLabs program that comes on the EX 5 called RIFF. It allows you to layer, stack and configure VST effects in any way you want- and then you can just play them. You can play it on the keys or, if one of the plug-ins or VST instruments has its own clock-based modulation, you can use RIFF to synchronize all of it.

And, I’m going to put a Kyma Pacarana on my Neko ASAP.

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