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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 | 1 comment

New November Sound Effects Libraries

We’re always happy to see new independent sound effects libraries pop up on our radar, and there are a few new ones that are definitely worth noting!

Aldbourne Bells is a collection of antique bells recorded by Ian Palmer, an occassional contributor here on Designing Sound. This set of sounds is all comes from his father’s personal bell collection and is delivered in high-res. 24/96 files. There’s something cool about a family built library.

It’s also very reasonably priced at £30 (about $50 U.S.). In the very least, give the preview file a listen by following the link above.

I recently did a review of Sonic Salute’s Analog Cameras library. Mikkel Nielsen has been a busy man apparently, because he’s just released a new library called Shake, Rattle and Rumble ($60). This library is interesting in it’s approach to collecting these sounds: self oscillation (such as with vehicles), hand controlled shakes, and objects placed on a subwoofer. He really was looking for some interesting ways to pull all these sounds together. Examples are ready for your audition over at Sonic Salute.

If those types of libraries aren’t your cup of tea, how about some aircraft fly-overs? Andrew Lewis has put together a library of sounds collected at the Bourenmouth Air Festivalin August of 2011…simply enough titled, BAF2011. The collection of 40 high res. files is a mixture of engine types, and only costs $30. Anyone out there need to cut sounds to an airshow? ;)

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Posted by on Aug 5, 2010 | 2 comments

Having Fun with Rockets [Review & Video]

Following my limitation challenges, I wanted to do another one. This time is a video where I had to re-design all the sounds using only the Rockets library from Rabbit Ears Audio, a new sound effects company from Michael Raphael.

The Library

Well, Michael did a terrific work with his new company, an independent model of online sfx distribution, similar to Tim Prebble’s HISS and a ROAR, Chuck Russom FX, etc. Rabbit Ears Audio’s Rockets library was more than a perfect pack to LAUNCH the new project.

The download process was really quick, and all the sounds come perfectly mastered and tagged. All the sounds included are really great and the quality is just amazing. There you can find all kind of amateur rockets, with different sizes, types, and of course a lot of diverse sounds, tonalities, etc. I think this library is a must-have for anyone!

Let’s tweak it!

The sounds respond really well to any process, app integration, etc. I played with almost every sound on the library, tweaking them in different ways. You can make a lot of cool things with these rockets.

For showing that and also test the library in action. I decided to re-design the sound of two scenes from Iron Man, wich I found interesting for the job. Let’s check the video and I’ll talk about it below…

So, as you read, I didn’t use any other kind of sound sources. It was about processing and tweaking those rockets recordings and doing different things for each element of the video. It was a little crazy to create all this different types of sounds and layers using pretty similar sources.

These are the main categories I worked with:

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