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Interview with Jack Menhorn – DS Editor-in-Chief

a sound effect

We don’t often blow our own trumpet here at Designing Sound. Rather, we prefer to focus on the array of creative and technical excellence out there in the world of sound design, for the likeminded among you to enjoy. However, for those interested in learning a bit more about how and why Designing Sound is kept going behind the scenes, check out the interview with DS Editor-in-Chief, Jack Menhorn, on A Sound Effect’s blog.

Jack Menhorn interview on A Sound Effect

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Our Favorite Sounds Of 2013

Photo by: Chris Phutully

Photo by: Chris Phutully

The year 2013 has been one of changes, additions, and collaboration here at Designing Sound and we want to thank all of our readers for their attention, suggestions, contributions, and overwhelming support. There have been so many great films, shows, games and events this year that we thought we would share some of our favorites for you to go back and check in case you missed them!

This post is full of links and youtube videos, so please be patient on the loading. I assure you it is worth it!

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Review: iZotope Insight


Thoughts by Ian Palmer:

Anyone who knows me will know that 4 years on I am still madly in love with iZotope’s RX noise reduction package. So it is rather exciting to see what else this company can do. I had high hopes for this meter after hearing about its launch. If only I could do this review in three words, as in “It’s bloody good”!

Just to note, that I am reviewing Insight on an iMac running OSX 10.7.4 with ProTools 10.3.3, in stereo and from the point of view of a Dubbing Mixer in Europe using the forthcoming R128 mixing specifications.

Installing and registering the plugin is very simple and straightforward, as was finding it in the Sound Field folder. I easily located the preset folder and changed the settings to R128. Or BS ITU1770 Loudness Meter with History Graph EU. It’s easy enough to add my own presets and name them, but for the inexperienced I think the names could be simplified.

Screen Shot 2013-06-09 at 1.28.58 PM

I really like the UI of Insight. Whilst it is busy, it is also easy to navigate quickly. It is customisable so that you can also make it as crowded or simple as you wish. The display options are Levels, Loudness History, Spectrum Analyser, Sound Field and a Spectrogram. It’s really interesting to see things that previously I had to listen for, like a mix being bass heavy. Tis is useful for those of us in smaller rooms and with smaller speakers wher such things can be difficult to hear. I welcome the phase meter in the Sound Field, something lacking from the likes of Waves’ WLM. The Loudness History gives you the ability to quickly identify where in a mix a problem might lie. Clicking on the plus button expands (any) the display where you can take a screenshot or even copy a very long list of measurements. Great for attaching to a mix delivery to placate those evil number crunching bureaucrats in QC.

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Designing Sound Site Migration Complete!

The year of 2012 was a time of change here at Designing Sound. The wise and talented Miguel Isaza has left this wonderful resource in the hands of myself and the other contributing editors. We have moved to a monthly topic format that has been exciting, rewarding and hopefully insightful. And DS welcomed new blood into the staff in Michael Taylor, Colin Hart and myself.

Now well into 2013 we see no reason to stop this change train. As you might have noticed has undergone a bit of redesign. Some sections got moved or combined, and how we present articles, features, and news have been updated. We hope this new layout will allow us to add more functionality as well as present you with the information you want faster and easier. Special thanks to Vanessa Y Nichols for our banner/logo redesign. All of us would also like to thank our own Contributing Editor Varun Nair for doing all of the heavy lifting of the site migration (Which is immense!  We have close to 1500 articles to move over!). Varun is my hero.

Two more of my heroes are Erica Basnicki and Ian Palmer who are our two newest Contributing Editors here at Designing Sound. We have already seen fantastic work from both of them in the past and are excited to see what they come up with! May all of your articles be on time and free of typos.

Not all changes are entirely happy ones. In order to make the site migration we had to say goodbye to the Noisepages/Create Digital Media family. We would like to thank Peter Kirn for the years of free hosting and support of

Speaking of creating digital music: The topic of March is “Intersection of Sound Design and Music”. We have some wonderful articles lined up this month. So lets keep this train movin’!

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New Sound Lab’s Spring Reverb

Tor Johnson over at New Sound Lab has recently released “NSL009 Spring Reverb.” From Tor’s description:

“This library features recordings created using a “Knas Ekdahl Moisturizer“, a boutique spring reverb effects unit where three reverb springs are exposed, allowing them to be hit, played, and manipulated in real time. The unit also includes a multi-mode analog filter, and when combined with the playability of the springs, opens up many sound creation options.”

This collection of 872 sounds is a fantastic mix of scrapes, drags, plucks, hits and rattles:

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