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Posted by on Feb 3, 2011 | 3 comments

Peter Albrechtsen Special: Exclusive Interview

Welcome to the first installment in a series of articles featuring our amazing guest Peter Albrechtsen. This one is an interview I had with him, where we talked about several things, including the evolution of his career, influences, creative methods, techniques, and more. Hope you enjoy it.

Designing Sound: How did you get started in sound design? How has the evolution of your career been?

Peter Albrechtsen: As a kid, I loved two things: movies and music. My dad had an enormous collection of classical music and I was trained in classical piano for ten years – without ever becoming a virtuoso in any way. But it meant that music was all around, and when I got into movies – I was a big, big fan of Hitchcock – I also listened to soundtracks. It wasn’t until I attended the European Film College in 1995/96 that I had this epiphany that sound for film was the way to go, the way to blend music and movies. It felt like entering a new world that I wanted to explore infinitely.

I got into The Danish Film School in 1997. I was still very much a youngster, but during those four years I learned a lot of technical skills and met a lot of inspiring people. My graduation movie had a pretty crazy soundtrack – it was my attempt at saluting Rumble Fish, one of my all time-favorite sound design movies. One of many wild ideas was to put some of the dialogue on vinyl and get a dj to scratch the lines into the film. Some people thought we went much too far, but a lot of people loved it as well and it meant that I got this reputation of being ’the crazy sound guy’. And it got me working with a lot of people who really wanted to explore what sound design could do.

I’ve been working as a professional sound designer and re-recording mixer for 10 years now and I’ve had the good fortune of working with a lot of wonderful directors and being part of a young generation of skilled sound designers – and at the same time learning a lot of tricks from local veterans of the game. Here’s some shout-outs to Kristian Eidnes Andersen, Peter Schultz, Nino Jacobsen and especially Kasper Val, who’s one of Denmark’s most experienced mixers, lately he did The Killer Inside Me – I’ve worked with him on 10 feature films. Thanks!

I simply feel very privileged to be able to do this for a living. It’s very rare that people’s greatest passion is also their work. It’s amazing.

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February’s Featured Sound Designer: Peter Albrechtsen

This year is going fast, huh? After the great visit of Tim Walston, let’s go with another film sound special! It’s a pleasure for me to announce the visit of Peter Albrechtsen for the month of February. Peter is a true master of sound, with an incredible vision and talent. This is going to be fantastic.


Peter Albrechtsen has been a professional sound designer, sound re-recording mixer and an all around sound effects nerd for 10 years now.

If you’ve seen The Kingdom by Lars von Trier, that was actually the hospital where Peter was born 34 years ago – no wonder he later got a taste for horror films. The first love, though, was music: Coming from a home filled to the brim with records and tape recordings, it was very natural for Peter to play music and he’s been trained in classical piano and also played in several bands both as a drummer, bass player and vocalist. When one of his bands recorded an album in the early 1990’s Peter got an instant fascination for the tricks of the sound studio and when attending the European Film College in 1995/96 he started doing sound for movies, which was one of the other major interests of his youth.

Peter attended The Danish Film School from 1997 to 2001 and has since then worked on about 70 productions in both Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the US. He has worked as both production sound mixer, sound effects editor, supervising sound editor, sound designer, sound re-recording mixer and music supervisor (ooh, all these titles) and his cv includes both feature films, documentaries, short films and a couple of tv shows. Last year Peter became part of a new studio facility,, together with five colleagues but he still works freelance on different projects both back home in Copenhagen and around the world.

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