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Posted by on May 24, 2016 | 1 comment

News: The AudioVR Network

The name AudioVR sits next to a pair of headphones wrapped around a virtual reality device. Article by Adriane Kuzminski.

Photo: AudioVR


Co-founders Jesse Holt, Chris Hegstrom, and Jacob Pernell would like to invite you to join their new network, AudioVR. Virtual reality is in its infancy, ready to be molded and defined by passionate and talented communities, and AudioVR aims to be the hub where sound pros can translate their past roles and redefine audio for the future of VR development.

Currently, they have a VR audio news blog, an upcoming podcast and newsletter, a growing Slack group and Facebook group where you can meet other audio pros and nerd out about the newest updates and games, and local Meetup groups for those who’d like to talk shop over a pint. Currently, meetup groups only exist in the US and the UK, but if you are interested in starting an AudioVR meetup in your area, contact them and let them know!

So if VR makes you excited – as a musician, producer, engineer, audio designer or audio programmer – check out the AudioVR community and help them discuss, collaborate, educate and define the future of VR audio.


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Posted by on Feb 29, 2016 | 1 comment

News – Film Sound Guru Randy Thom’s New Blog

Image retrieved from IGN. Click to view source.

There’s no doubt the sound design community is one blessed with some fantastic artists who are surprisingly willing to share their experiences and insights. This fact was confirmed recently with Randy Thom’s announcement of a new blog discussing film sound. The blog, found here, already features three brief but insightful posts from Thom, and will no doubt be a source of excellent info in the future as well.

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News: SOMA – Behind the Sound

There’s a common joke among game audio artists and designers: if you ask any number of sound designers what genre they’d most like to work on, the odds are good they’ll all say “horror”, twice. It’s no surprise it’s such a common answer, either; horror games offer designers some of the most interesting and diverse sound design opportunities one can come across. There’s no doubt that Frictional Games’s upcoming title SOMA fits this mold as well, evidenced by a fantastic blog post on Frictional’s website by the game’s audio director, Samuel Justice.

In the post, Sam discusses the approach he and the rest of the team took towards defining the distinct above- and underwater worlds of this eagerly-anticipated horror title. Sam goes into extensive detail on the techniques they used, both in the game’s engine and in content creation, to achieve a unique sonic identity for the game. Check out the post here, and also take a look at Sam’s other online home over at Sweet Justice, which features another great blog chock full of good info.

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News: The Soundkeeper – Top 5 Sound Design Plugins

Recently, game audio industry vet Jeremy Rogers launched a new SFX library store & blog at While the blog is still new, he’s already putting out some interesting articles, including his most recent “The Top 5 Must-Have Plugins for Sound Designers“. Check it out for Jeremy’s plugin recommendations, as well as some brief descriptions on how he uses them in his own work!

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Posted by on Jun 9, 2015 | 1 comment

Sweet Justice: Sweetman’s Sweet Spot

In the most recent blog post over at Sweet Justice, sound designer Chris Sweetman shares some of his decades of experience, and discusses the importance of experimentation and the use of organic sounds in modern sound design. He also discusses some of his experiences on major films, as well as his approach to tools like Izotope Iris. Head over to their blog to check it out now!

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