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Posted by on Mar 13, 2016 | 6 comments

Sunday Sound Though 11 – Natural Spectrum Awareness

As the year continues, many of these posts will be philosophical in nature. Some will be in contradiction to previous postings. These are not intended as truths or assertions, they’re merely thoughts…ideas. Think of this as stream of consciousness over a wide span…

I’ll be honest, I lied to you last week.

…well, sort of. Talking about spectrum and perception was really all a big set up for this week’s thought.

In his book, The Great Animal Orchestra, Bernie Krause discusses the idea of Biophony; that each sound generating organism evolved in such a way that it’s voice fit into it’s surrounding soundscape so as to not compete with other organisms. If a bird doesn’t have to compete with an insect or a deer’s vocalizations, or even wind for that matter, it doesn’t have to struggle to be heard by its peers. As a result of this, natural soundscapes tend to fill the spectrum of sound. They aren’t isolated into bands. As I discussed last week, the wider the spectral content, the fuller and louder a sound seems.

This has made me wonder about how our environment affected us as we evolved within it. Perhaps this activation of more critical bands was a selective element in our evolution. There are cases of animals becoming quiet when predators are present, which would decrease the spectral content of our environment. If a human’s surroundings didn’t sound as “full” as they usually might, wouldn’t that be a clue that something is out of the ordinary? Would that help an early human survive the rigors of life in the wild? Would that also explain why we are so sensitive changes to the spectral content of sound?

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What’s Happening in November

There are a few interesting things coming up in the month of November.

  • David Sonnenschein is once again running his Sound Design for Pros webinar series. It begins Monday, November 5th. Full details and registration links can be found here.
  • Bernie Krause will be presenting at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco on Tuesday, November 13th at 7PM. Tickets can be purchased through the JCCSF website.
  • Zynaptiq will finally be releasing RTAS and AAX versions of Unveil; their fancy reverb removal/balancing plug-in I’ve been itching to test out for a while now. It releases on the 15th.

Also, don’t forget that there are some cool new videos out on the web related to some recent high profile releases. ;)

Watson Wu’s video diary of his weapons work for Assassin’s Creed 3. Available on 360 & PS3 (and on PC shortly)!

YouTube Preview Image

The final entry in the “Making Of” series for the Zombie Apocalypse Library, now available from Blastwave FX!

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