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Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 | 0 comments

Another Sound Effects Library Round-Up

Awesome new libraries continue to pop up. Here are some of the latest releases we’ve noticed:

Echo Collective has just released a new library titled “Motion Textures.”

This is a design package built for drawing sonic lines and creating gently moving sonic textures. The concept is that consistent sound of friction will translate well to visual design elements that have CG and text movement on screen.

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Posted by on Dec 6, 2011 | 0 comments

SFX News: Animal Bells, Chimes, Interface, Electrified, Freebies, Transitions

– Rabbit Ears Audio has released Animal Bells sfx library, a collection of 16 animal bells made out of a variety of materials, such as brass, bronze, common metals, wood, among others. The package includes over 1000 sounds. The 192kHz version is 70 and the 96kHz version is $50.

The bells in the collection were originally designed for cow, goats, sheep, elephants, and possibly a cat or two. There is a even a Buddhist bell tossed in because it just sounds so good.

Each bell was recorded from multiple perspectives with Schoeps and Sennheiser MKH microphones. It was tracked on a Sound Devices 744T with a Cooper CS-104 as a front end. We like those Cooper mic pres.

– Tim Prebble announced CHIMES at HISS and a ROAR:

– Daniel Gooding has released Electrified library, featuring 300 electrical designed souds, including amviences, loops, menus, sparks/shocks, weaponry, whooshes, etc. Delivered at 96kHz.

For when you need an electrical kick in your project. Electrified Library is the result of many sounds from my other libraries, careful foley, and Heavy Sound design with various effects. The result is an awesome selection of electrical sounds both to add, and inspire in your sound design.

YouTube Preview Image

– BOOM Library is doing the BOOM advent calendar. Also, there’s a new library called The Interface“, available for pre-order now.

Get more than 2200 different interface sound effects: Buttons, clicks, slides, jingles and much more. Delivered broadcast ready in 48kHz and 24-bit, this library makes your digital interfaces speak a whole new and modern language.

– Blastwave FX is giving away a free HD sound effects pack, the Blastwave FX Hard Drive Demo Sampler

– The Hollywood Edge has released Segue Surround 5.1 HD, a toolkit with 1,170 sounds delivered at 96kHz.

The Hollywood Edge has announced the release of Segue Surround 5.1 HD, a first-of-its-kind sound effects toolkit featuring more than 1,100 whooshes, stingers, impact effects, atmospherics and other transitional elements created in true 5.1 surround sound. The large collection is well suited for films, broadcast television, radio, commercials, trailers, interactive media, podcasts and other types of programming requiring special sound treatments.

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