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Another Sound Effects Library Round-Up

Awesome new libraries continue to pop up. Here are some of the latest releases we’ve noticed:

Echo Collective has just released a new library titled “Motion Textures.”

This is a design package built for drawing sonic lines and creating gently moving sonic textures. The concept is that consistent sound of friction will translate well to visual design elements that have CG and text movement on screen.

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SFX News 04.07.12

BOOM Library released his previously announced Cars – Everyday Cars library

This 4 DVD collection offers more than 20 GB of data. We completely wired 10 everyday cars, rented a super-quiet test track for our recordings and are now proud to deliver really great and pristine long takes of drive-bys, car engine sounds, exhaust sounds and stereo interior recordings. We also give you a great selection of close handling sounds like switches, indicators, ventilation, handbrakes, basically everything we could find. All files contain extensive metadata to provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible.

Empty Sea has released Sea Monsters, over 4000 creature sounds.

Start with four original creatures direct from the voice of our own Mark Camperell. Each sound was recorded at 192k/24bit for maximum design potential. Then, we meticulously edited, mastered and embedded the files with metadata. Next, we have provided a second version of each creature, stretched to 50% (96k) for even more variation and creative potential. The HD sample rates will allow for plenty of manipulative capability through the preservation of high frequencies in processing/stretching. Eight original creature voices in all, Sea Monsters can not be missed!

The Sound Catcher releases Tortured School library.

We recorded an old abandoned school and gained a lot of nice and very unique sound fx for your next sounddesign project. Get all 702 MB / 167 Sounds tagged and in 24/96 for your pleasure.

Affordable Audio 4 Everyone has released Action RPG Characters.

The Action RPG Characters library is the perfect solution for quickly getting professional voices into your game. Features 10 voice actors, 6 Male, 4 Female from around the world, each adding a unique touch to the library. Each Actor has voiced lines to cover a wide range of possible game types/classes, and even covers extra things for both main heroes, follower characters, and even some enemy dialogue. Includes handfulls of variations on different actions, to ensure you have a multitude of different sounds to play around with, and avoid repetition. For those with specific dialogue in mind, the contact info for all the voice actors is included for you to get in touch with them. Also included is some additional extra sounds for rpg’s.

YouTube Preview Image

25% Off in all category products at Blastwave FX during July.

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SFX News 12.03.12

The Recordist released Ultimate Ice 2.5 HD Pro

Ultimate Ice 2.5 HD Pro Sound Effects Library is a small 24-Bit 96kHz addition to Ultimate Ice 2.0 with some BIG ice cracks and impacts from a perfectly round lake in North Idaho. Also included are fast ripping ice cracks from another 800 acre lake a short distance from Round Lake and some special designed ice sounds from here in the studio.

The extreme low frequency nature of some of these ice recordings are perfect for LFE tracks and as additional elements layered in with higher pitch cracks.

The SFX Bible special offer is coming to its end.

The Sound Effects Bible Hard Drive is a collection of 5,000 sound effects recorded by Ric Viers and his team at the Detroit Chop Shop including close to 2,000 new and previously unreleased sound effects. All of the sounds were recorded at 24/96KHz, along with a small selection of unique 16/44.1KHz sounds that were pulled from the Detroit Chop Shop archives.

The sounds are delivered as 24/48 KHz broadcast .WAV files complete with metadata that is compatible with your favorite search engine and are neatly sorted into 25 category folders: Ambience, Animals, Cartoon, Emergency, Explosions, Fire, Foley, Food, Footsteps, Horror, Horror Production Elements, Household, Humans, Impacts, Industry, Multimedia, Office, Production Elements, Science Fiction, Sports, Technology, Vehicles, Warfare, Water and Weather.

Recordist and editor Gabriele Fasano from Italy launched Surround Ambiences, a library focused on surround recordings.The first collection is available now, called Autumn Wind HD 5.1

Autumn Wind HD 5.1 is a collection of High Definition ambience wind sound effects recorded at 24bit/96khz using a Soundfield SPS200 surround microphone. Included are recordings of strong and medium strong wind taken on a very breezy autumn day. The microphone was placed in the middle of the trees to get the best surround effect of waving leaves. It was also positioned at the centre of a field within a forest to obtain a surround sound perspective from a distance. Some recordings also include birds singing.

Affordable Audio 4 Everyone released Elements of Terror, including 200 sounds. All proceeds above $5 go to International Suicide Prevention.

Building an insane asylum? Perhaps a scene with a dark nightmare. The Elements of Terror has both subliminal, and dark sounds that helps bring fear into a scene. Help provide that extra element to a horror scene. To make the audience wonder about what might be behind that next door.

YouTube Preview Image

BOOM Library is now accepting pre-orders of their new Dogs library. Over 7 GB of sound recorded at 192 kHz, 24-bit.

This collection is your ultimate source for high quality dog sound effects. “Dogs” provides you with a huge variety of clean and crispy sounds of our four-legged friends. You get the full range from small to huge, from young to old, from tiny whining to aggressive barking. Look forward to tons of growls, snarls, moans, barks, scratching, drinking, eating and much more. Whether it’s the friendly Border Collie or the impressive Doberman, this library gives you the full flexibility for designing really authentic dog sound effects or some bad-ass creatures from another planet.

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SFX News 03.02.12

The Recordist has released Ultimate Ice 2 HD Pro, 315 sounds at 24-Bit/96kHz, recorded with Sennheiser MKH-8040ST into SD702.

All kinds and thicknesses of ice was recorded and at many different temperatures. It was kicked, cracked, hit with a sledgehammer, crushed into itself and smacked with heavy chunks of ice. Ice debris was dropped and tossed around at many locations for a unbeatable, multiple take set of crash effects. When all these styles of frozen water and air vapor are pitched around with your favorite audio mangling tool, you will be amazed at the broad spectrum of sounds that can be created with the ultra high frequency response of the microphones.

Sound designer John Leonard has started an independent sfx library called ImmersiveFX. There are two releases available at the moment and for being reader of Designing Sound, you can get a special discount price. Use the code DFSX50 and you’ll get 50% off on both libraries:

  • Sounds of Flight – An eclectic collection from my extensive archive Jumbo Jets, Military Fighters, War-birds, Helicopters and Bi-Planes From an F-16 to a Tiger Moth – it’s all here. 48/16 WAV files with embedded Soundminer Metadata – $25
  • The Voice of Poseidon – 101 effects of seascapes and some river and waterfall sounds. From the gentle waves on a sandy beach to the crash of breakers on the Pacific shore. 48/24 WAV files with embedded Soundminer Metadata – $80

Sound recordist Mikkel Nielsen runs a library called Sonic Salute, where he has released four sound collections so far:

  • Metal Scrap – 97 stereo/MS recordings of metals. Clink/clank/crash/boom
  • The Shipyard – 16 stereo/MS recordings captured in the summer of 2011, at the commercial port of Copenhagen. The area is filled with giant cranes, trucks, and containers, and is closed to the public.
  • Pigs FX – 246 recordings of all kinds of pigs, recorded at Pigfarm Esrumgaard, which has close to 1000 pigs of all ages and sizes.
  • Footsteps Snow – 25 minutes of long walks in cold and snowy conditions. Recorded during tree winters from 2009 to 2011 in a remote deserted Swedish forest, miles away from the nearest road.

EFX has new changes on the site and also a new library: Colombian Countryside, including 35 nature atmospheres recorded and remasterized at 48 kHz 24-bit.

YouTube Preview Image

Affordable Audio 4 Everyone has released The Hud Menu Interface Toolbox, a library of 700 interface sounds. All proceeds above $5 will go to The National Federation of the Blind.

The Hud Menu Interface Toolbox features various sounds that can be used for various menus, Game HUD’s, and also small object interface interactions. It is a great tool for building, and creating response sounds to player interations, or for any type setting that may need some additional sounds for a character or actor to make when interacting with something.

BOOM Library has released free Flamethrower SFX pack.

Remember the video from Chad Thunberg, who really knows how to do some little DIY-Engineering? He’s the guy that built an epic FLAMETHROWER out of plastic pipes and a garden hose. Luckily for us, Axel was around to point the microphone towards this “eternal flame”. Guess what: It sounded just awesome. We gave these SFX away for free during our advent calendar weeks. This awesome SFX pack is now available for EVERYBODY.

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SFX News: Ultimate Snow 2, Black Powder, Heavy Armored Factory, Rivers

The Recordist releases Ultimate Snow 2 HD

Ultimate Snow 2 is a reissue of Snowfall HD and Snowballs HD Ultra together in one collection with a few new sounds included. Recorded over the 2010-2011 winter season here in beautiful North Idaho, this 24-bit 96kHz collection contains 94 multi-take Broadcast WAV files totaling 425 individual snow sounds.

Boom Library releases Micro-BOOM – Black Powder

BLACK POWDER makes the walls shake! Massive cannon shots, ancient hand mortars and large saluting guns let you revive the old days of gun battles. You’re looking for a huge cannon shot to end a sea fight? That big explosion at the end of the movie is missing that one amazing crispy impact sound? Use BLACK POWDER and your search is over!

Affordable Audio 4 Everyone releases Heavy Armored Factory

The heavy Armored Factory features sounds you would expect to hear from a massive mecha or walker styled Machine. The library was built around Metal, Tools, and heavy processing. Perfect for building your mech sfx needs, or adding to various types of games built around a futuristic setting.

YouTube Preview Image

Arrowhead Audio releases Rivers

A pack containing 11 recordings of different sections of the River Aled in North Wales and features Gurgles, Pools, White Water, Trickles and more. AAS-005 offers subtle but noticeable variations over each file to allow the sounds to be blended and evolved using the different sections of the river.

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