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Mark Roberts has been a BBC natural history sound recordist for over 20 years. During that time he has explored some of the remotest parts of the planet. His career has taken him high into the Papua New Guinean rainforest canopy, deep underground inside Venezuelan mountains and even right into the heart of Indonesia’s volcanoes. He has been privileged to work with the world’s leading natural history film-makers and is the only member of the BBC’s team to have worked on every one of the nine Expeditions series, starting with Amazon Abyss in 2004. Read More




Diego Stocco : FFS02 // Convolution Processing

Diego Stocco has released the second instalment of his Feedforward Sounds video series, each focussing on different experimental sound design techniques. For FFS02 it is Convolution Processing.

Convolution Processing is a technique that allows the real-time creation of musically related ambiences, accents and transition elements from an instrumental or vocal part. In this video you’ll see/hear how this technique can enrich a simple percussive part and a synth part into a full sounding track.




Screenings of the Documentary “Particle Fever” with Walter Murch

Are you in the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend? Then check out one of these screenings of Particle Fever, which will have a Q&A with director Mark Levinson and Editor WALTER MURCH!!!

Fri 3/14
Shattuck, Berkeley (Landmark Theaters)
7:30 show – intro and Q&A w/ director Mark Levinson and editor Walter Murch and physicists

Sat 3/15
Embarcadero, SF (Landmark Theaters)
7:30 show – intro and Q&A w/ director Mark Levinson and editor Walter Murch and physicists

Thanks to Kyrsten Mate for pointing this out!




Wwise Free for Indies Too!


Following fast on the news that FMOD will be free to independent game developers, now Audiokinetic have announced that the Wwise audio engine is also changing its licensing format in support of indies. The cross-platform sound engine will be free to users with up to 200 sound assets in their Wwise projects.

Audiokinetic Press Release


SFX Independence – Welcome to 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The year is still fresh, but 2014′s already brought us a number of great new SFX libraries. Go back to analog times and the earliest days of digital…

Event: The Two Ways of Listening (Workshop)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Royal School of Arts in Gent, Belgium, is holding six full days of listening technique and research this February and March. Elias Vervecken (sound recordist and foley…


As Bobby Darin said, “If I Could Talk to the Animals…”

Monday, February 3, 2014

Might want to be careful if you’re going to try recording this critter! We use animal sounds all the time in sound design. Whether it be the twenty…


The New Soundtrack Journal Special Issue: Perspectives on Sound Design

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Call for Papers for Issue 4.1, to be published in September 2014 Submission of abstracts due by 1 February 2014 One hundred years ago futurist artist Luigi Russolo…