Hi, folks! It’s me again =) It is second week after 1-month-long-vacation and I continue my work, do global re-organization of sounds on hard drives and try to add new recordings i’ve made to existing sound collection. But thats not the main point. My thoughts about ways to communicate more with sound recordists and designers from all over rest world. Attempts to find some people nearby turned out to be a failure. So, now i wanna try to dig into socials. I have profiles on FB and VK, but i realize that this sites only waste my time. I had met interesting people while being active 2-3 years ago, but since then I have become less active and even ignore all updates of “friends”.

Now i only want to find people with passion in sound (as i am) but i dont know, where such people may been found. I am also interested in forming a community of potential users of my sound libraries and Kontakt instruments. Maybe you have any suggestions?

I found some fresh sites (soundlister.com  and  sounddevs.com)  but i’m not sure how they useful for my purposes.