Hello, I’m having big trouble with a working session, coming from external drives, which I think contains corrupt WAV files.

When copying the folder to my system and then working on it (in Pro Tools), it works for a while and then suddenly it doesn’t open anymore, and I get two error messages:

  1. Could not complete your request because Assertion in “..\ ..\ FF\ Audio\ FF_AudioFile.cpp”, line 1092.
  2. An error regarding the memory locations list ?!?!?

Also, sometimes I got a PARSING error on some clips and then they just play noise in playback. In stereo files this can happen on 1 channel, while the other is empty.

So I tried opening the session on its original external drive and SAVE COPY IN, but at one point Pro Tools quits unexpectedly, every time.

So I think there are some corrupt files, but the project being quite big, I can’t go through every single one of them.

Question:  Is there a way/software to FIND corrupt WAV files? A batch analyzer of wav files? Or a workaround to find corrupt ones?

I found this software which can fix some issues in WAV files regarding Pro Tools, but the first problem is to find them in a huge session.


Thank you!