Hey, folks! I try to use app called “Soundly” for adding meta data to my library and think it works great (as for free app). I like possibility to add folders fast and batch process many files. I used my Cubase’s Media Bay before and think Soundly allow to add BWF description much faster. I didn’t try it’s online store, but idea of integrated shop thrills me. It’s interesting how people add their libraries to Soundly shop. It somehow connected to asoundeffect.com site, so i need to contact it’s support?

But there are things i not like while work with it – limit to 2500 sounds and force to stay on-line even when i want work with local files. Pay 15$ every month – not my case. I’d be happy to pay 50$ or up to 100$ for offline license to eliminate restrictions once and for all.

So, i come here to read your thoughts about this app. Maybe there’s any alternative to it (i mean free or low-cost)? My budget at the moment not allow me to bother about purchasing another metadata app, but in future i think Basehead or Soundminer (some of mid-cost versions) will be good option.