finally I got a MKH30 figure 8 mic. Today, I went to record some train arrivals/departures and pass bys with my 30/60 combo in a blimp (unfortunately no 40 available yet). Most of the time I held the blimp in my hand and panned the setup while recording so the Mid-capsule was always pointed towards the moving sound source. Now my problem is that when listening to the recordings I don’t have a real clue from which side the sound is coming from. The recordings sound nice overall but the trains aren’t moving from one side to the other (which is logical because of the panning).

I understand that for stationary sounds (e.g. doors) MS is quite useful because you basically have one mono version (Mid) and a stereo version (Mid+Side) of the sound.

The reason I thought panning was the way to go is that I would have the opportunity to drop the Side-Channel and have the Mid-Channel which I could later pan in sync to the picture (like traditional pass bys in mono). When recording pass bys stationary, it would give me a clear stereo image but no options in post concerning panning the Mid-Channel. Am I missing something?

So my question is, do you follow moving sound sources (esp. car/train pass bys) with your MS-Setup while recording?
If you do, how do you handle the files in post? Do you pan the stereo files? Or is MS the wrong choice for these situations after all?