Hi, I recently bought a Rycote MS rig for a Senn 50/30 combo, with connbox and all that.  Going from 5-pin connbox out to and XLR that is 5-pin on one end and two 3-pin XLR on the other side.  This is going into Sound Devices 744t.

It was working fine until now…I can’t hear a channel.  I’ve checked the mics using individual XLR cables (bypassing the connbox and cable) and it works great, so I know it’s not the mics or the SD.

From there I tested both of my 5-pin to two 3-pin XLR cables with a cable tester.  I don’t really know what buttons should light up but it seems like they are working.  I tested the connbox in the cable tester and it lights up differently than the 2 cables.  Again I don’t know what I’m really looking for with the cable tester so Idk if it’s telling me it’s broken or not.

Does anyone know what the cable tester should read for a working cable or Connbox of this type?  OR do you know what else I should try, or who I should talk to?  I can upload video of the cable testing if it helps.