Hi all !

The 9th edition of our international sound creation contest Mixage Fou is now open !

Registration is absolutely free. Closing date is on the 4th of march 2018.
And they are plenty of awards offered by our partners.

This year the sound library’s theme is about acoustic instruments’ play modes.
It’s been put together by three renowned sound artist : Herv√® Birolini, Jean-Marc Duchenne, and Diego Losa.

There’s only two rules in Mixage Fou :
– Your creation must not exceed 80 seconds
– Your source material can only be taken from the contest sound library.

Submission categories are :
– regular stereo
– binaural audio
– 5.1 surround
– Auro3D 9.1
– and the brand new Ambisonic category !

Then you can do anything you like to the sounds you use, and use whatever tool you like to craft this into a great creation !

You can download our creative common sound bank here  : http://www.mixagefou.com/spip.php?article142
More informations here : http://www.mixagefou.com/ and here https://www.facebook.com/mixage.fou

Both pages are in french…but if you need any help please ask me !