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Posted by on Feb 29, 2016 | 1 comment

News – Film Sound Guru Randy Thom’s New Blog

Image retrieved from IGN. Click to view source.

There’s no doubt the sound design community is one blessed with some fantastic artists who are surprisingly willing to share their experiences and insights. This fact was confirmed recently with Randy Thom’s announcement of a new blog discussing film sound. The blog, found here, already features three brief but insightful posts from Thom, and will no doubt be a source of excellent info in the future as well.

1 Comment

  1. Randy Thom created a blog!?! Amazing sound designer, always so generous in sharing his knowledge. Love all his texts and interviews, from the first ones I was able to find years back on to all posts, comments and interviews on, behind the scenes material on DVDs, interviews for Scene Unseen, Soundworks Collection, etc. Now a blog by Randy Thom? Can it get any better?

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