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SFX Independence – June 2014

A quick round-up of recent releases from independent sound designers …

Sonic Salute – Rock & Roll

First up this month we come bearing gifts – an exclusive 20% off coupon for the latest Sonic Salute library pack.

ROCK & ROLL: Rock/Concrete/Metal Impacts and Dirt Debris contains over 300 LCR recordings of rolling rocks, rock and concrete impacts, dirt, debris, you name it. Basically, all the rock, with a lot of extra roll. All files are 24-bit / 192KHz and the product page has some cool info and video footage of the backstory of this collection.

Designing Sound have teamed up with Sonic Salute to give our readers 20% of this collection. Using the coupon code: ROCKTOTHEROLL20 on checkout will give you 20% off the usual $45.00 price, valid for 48 hours from the publication of this here post.

Rock & Roll product page
Sonic Salute homepage

Surround Ambiences – Rainy Days Room Tones

A new library from Gabriele Fasano’s ‘Surround Ambiences‘ range comes in the shape of Rainy Days Room Tones. Available as either as a 2.0 or 5.0 stereo package, Rainy Days features over 40 separate recordings of rain-infused room tones, recorded in variety of different spaces and from a number of different perspectives. Recorded at 24-bit / 96KHz, Rainy Days adds to Florence-based Fasano’s previous ambience collections, Spring Marsh, Autumn Wind and Spring Birds.

Prices are €35.00 for the 2.0 pack and €40.00 for the 5.0 package (those who buy the 5.0 package receive the stereo 2.0 pack free).

Surround | Rainy Days product page
Surround Ambiences homepage

Echo Collective – Signal Return

After asking their users to fill in a feedback survey, Echo Collective were surprised to find many respondents were under the impression they were putting together a new feedback sound library. So in one of the best ever examples of ‘you said, we did’, Echo Collective present their latest collection, Signal Return, a feedback based sound library. Featuring over 250 separate recordings, using PAs, tube amps, speakers and headphones, all files are 24-bit / 96KHz and features 22 Kontakt fully programmed unlocked .nki files.

Signal Return is available now from the Echo Collective website, priced at $20.00.

Signal Return product page
Echo Collective homepage

Snow Audio – Liquid for Massive

Liquid is preset library for NI Massive dedicated to water and liquid synthesis. Containing 125 patches of bubbles, drips, soundscapes, liquified basses, percussion, it features pre-assigned macros for maximum sound design capabilities and optimized key and filter tracking for each patch.

Liquid for Massive is priced at $14.00 and is available now.

Snow Audio homepage

Boom Library – Assault Weapons

Available from early July, Boom’s latest collection is a weapons library consisting of 25 different weapons featuring sniper rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, assault rifles, anti-material rifles and grenade launchers.

The offering comes as a Bundle of both the “ready-to-use” Designed library and full Construction Kit for €199.00 (although at the time of writing the website is currently offering a 20% pre-sale discount). They can also be purchased separately for €99.00 and €149.00, respectively.

A handy tutorial video has been put together, detailing how to work with the Assault Weapons construction kit.

Assault Weapons is available to pre-order now.

Assault Weapons product page
Boom homepage

Melted Sounds – Whoosh

Melted Sounds are offering a not-too-shabby 35% off their Whoosh | Advanced Sound Design Instrument for NI Reaktor. Featuring 80 presets, users are also able to create custom whooshes and pass-bys, and import their own samples. Until 30th June, Whoosh is priced at $51.35, down from $79.00.

The V1.1 update is free for existing owners. Check the website for full features and specs.

Whoosh product page
Melted Sounds homepage

Moon Echo Audio – Wild Montana Winter

Wild Montana Winter is Moon Echo Audio’s latest collection, presenting over an hour’s worth of recorded material from the 8000+ acre National Wildlife Refuge in Montana. These 24-bit / 96KHz recordings promise accurate detail of the vast and open landscapes of the natural terrain. Priced at $50.00, Wild Montana Winter is available to order now.

Wild Winter Montana product page
Moon Echo Audio homepage

SoundBits – Cinematic Hits & Transitions

Head over to Wildtrack Sound Library for 30% off Cinematic Hits & Transitions, a collection of over 200 impacts and hits from SoundBits. Ideal for trailers and videogames, the library pack is currently available for €28.00 (usual price €40.00).

Cinematic Hits & Transitions on Wildtrack Sound Library

SoundBits homepage

The Recordist – GunTales HD

Another firearms collection comes in the form of GunTales HD. But it’s a firearms collection with a difference. This collection from Frank Bry presents a variety of reverb tails from weapon-fire, including small calibre handguns, two bolt action rifles and an AR-15 assault rifle. There are no close up guns sounds here (you can assemble those yourself), but GunTales HD does give plenty of options for creating custom tails to your weapon sounds.

GunTales HD is available to order now at a cost of $150.00.

The Recordist homepage
GunTales HD product page

HISS and a ROAR – Rivers and Streams

From slow moving flows to rapids and swirling currents, Rivers and Streams is a new ambience collection from HISS and a ROAR. Recorded around some of New Zealand’s most stunning rivers and streams in the South Island region, it brings together over 8GB of 24-bit / 96KHz recordings designed for cutting and laying ambiences and atmospheres.

Available now and priced at $49.00.

Rivers and Streams product page
HISS and a ROAR homepage

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