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Posted by on Jun 3, 2014 | 17 comments

SAE Sound Design Contest

SAE Sounddesign Contest

The SAE Sounddesign contest has just been announced. Contestants will be asked to create the audio (foley, sound design, atmosphere, no music) for a short monster animation, and the first through third place winners will take home a share of over 5500€ worth of prizes from companies like Rode, Boom Library, iZotope, Avid, SoundBits, Sugar Bytes, Fluid Audio, and Presonus.

The contest is open to all, and will be judged by Thomas Johnson, Axel Rorbach and Saro Sahihi. Boom Library has also offered a few sounds from their high-quality construction kits for use in the contest (though their use is optional).

The SAE Institute offers education in a number of media production fields. Submissions for the SAE Sounddesign contest will be accepted until June 23rd, 2014. For more information, see the SAE website.


  1. Any way to get an english version of the sound design contest page? It loads in Deutsch for me. I should note that I’m working from a computer in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

  2. Ditto Mr. O’Connor’s request.

  3. Hey Michael, I just read it and it doesn’t much more than what it says in this post. :) But it’s really strange that there doesn’t seem to be an English version of the link.

  4. This post says no music, but when Chrome translates the page, I see this:

    “goal: the scene is to be set to music by all the rules of art. Elements such as Foley, atmosphere and sound design to form a coherent body of work.”

    It states that the scene is to be set to music. I imagine this is a translation error, but I was hoping someone could confirm for me. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Deutsch.

  5. It means without music but be creative with Foley, Atmo and Sounddesign

  6. From a copy & paste into Bing Translator:


    SAE sound design contest

    There are prizes worth a total of over €5500!

    The topic:

    An animated scene with a monster is given, that from his cage breaks out, raging through the laboratory and then returns to the final attack on the Viewer.

    -Duration: 15 seconds

    -Target: the scene is to be set according to all rules of the art. Elements such as Foley, atmosphere and sound design should result in a coherent body of work.

    -There is no music use.

    The final video (1280 x 720) must be uploaded including sound design on YouTube and the link is then delivered through the form opposite.

    Terms and conditions:

    Each sound enthusiasts can take part in the contest.

    All sounds must either be created or come from appropriate libraries. The rights of use of the sounds must be the participants. Deadline for submissions is Tuesday June 23, 2014 at 00:00 clock.

    The winners will be announced after the 10 July on the site!

    Boom library provides a few sounds for the contest from their high quality construction kits. These sounds can, but need not, used for the production.
    The sounds come from the following libraries:
    Medieval weapons, dogs, creatures, Close Combat, cinematic hits, horses, cinematic trailers, Wildcats, birds of prey

  7. *Fantastic*

  8. I guess Bing is better at translating than Google and Babelfish. Thanks a lot!

  9. Can british people definitely apply? I’m nervous, just incase I work my head off, then realise its for Germans only :S

    • I’ve been told that they originally planned it just for Germany, but they decided to make it open to everyone.

      • Source, please?

        • If you’re referring to my statement that it’s open to everyone…directly from the guys running the contest.

  10. ‘the link is then delivered through the form opposite’…Just wondering where we get the form from? I can’t see a download link for it and my German is über rusty! Thanks.

    • the form is on the right side of the page it asks for Vorname (first name), Nachname (last name), telefon (telephone), email, and Link zum Youtube Video (Youtube link). the red button bellow that is what you click to submit.

      • Duh. Yes I see it now. Thank you.

  11. Yeah I’m wondering about the form as well. Anyone got any leads on that?

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