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Posted by on Mar 12, 2014 | 3 comments

Diego Stocco : FFS02 // Convolution Processing

Diego Stocco has released the second instalment of his Feedforward Sounds video series, each focussing on different experimental sound design techniques. For FFS02 it is Convolution Processing.

Convolution Processing is a technique that allows the real-time creation of musically related ambiences, accents and transition elements from an instrumental or vocal part. In this video you’ll see/hear how this technique can enrich a simple percussive part and a synth part into a full sounding track.


  1. This is neither didactic nor creative. It is an advertisement.

    I don’t begrudge this gentleman his wares but is that what this site is – a marketing conduit?

    Unfortunate and disappointing.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way, but you may have noticed that we do post news items that we feel the community would be interested in. This site does not sell any space for advertising. It was our choice alone to post about his new instructional video series. Diego has been an active member of the community for a long time, and we like to support those who contribute to it. Frankly, if you think this site is just a marketing conduit, then you need to look back through our archive.

  2. It’s a tutorial concerning sound design technique, I believe it is indeed didactic and creative…sorry that you feel this way…

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