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Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 | 2 comments

Soniccouture launch Geosonics ft. Chris Watson

Geosonics is a colloboration between legendary field recordist Chris Watson and Soniccouture.
Hundreds of hours of recording time, in some of the worlds most extreme and inhospitable environments, combine to form a library of rare sonic artefacts that cannot be found anywhere else.

Intro offer : €20 / $30 Off MSRP
Enter Code :YA6ARGHW
ends Midnight 24th August 2013

6 GB library (with Kontakt NCW compression)
Contains 4.7 GB original Chris Watson recordings
400 sound design presets by Ian Boddy, Biomechanoid, Martin Walker, Andy Wheddon, Soniccouture
140 sound design sample sets
Custom Convolution IRs
FOCUS mapping function
24 bit 48 khz stereo recording / sampling
Compatible with free Kontakt Player 5 – VST AU RTAS Standalone

Chris Watson recording equipment :
Transducers : C-ducer CP 2/8 stereo contact mikes DPA 8011 hydrophones as geophones DolphinEar Pro hydrophones DPA 4060 microphones
Recorders: Sound Devices 744T Nagra ARES Pll


  1. Chris Watson certainly comes in the most beautiful and interesting places. Very curious how all those locations sound. But why is available in 48khz only? The kontakt ‘patches’ don’t really sound all that special in the demo video.
    Nice idea anyway.

  2. Well the patches sound pretty special in the instrument…perhaps if you are so curious about the locations you should buy it and spend a weekend tweaking it before lending a jaded sneer. It’s an extraordinary instrument, incredibly flexible and the source location material is stunning – you can remove the pitched samples and just listen to the atmos – and it’s simply fascinating.

    Best Kontakt instrument for some time in my books…

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