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SFX Independence – Early May 2013

Here are all of the libraries of note we’ve spotted since the last round-up back in the beginning of April…in the order of most recent first (working from here…so forgive me if I’ve confused dates).

The Recordist

Machine Guns HD Pro SFX Trailer from Frank Bry on Vimeo.

Presenting Machine Guns HD Pro Sound Effects Library. This 24-Bit/96kHz collection features four fully automatic weapons recorded at a wide open 400 acre ranch in North Idaho. With a mountain ridge in front and open field behind, the guns generated a breathtaking echo while at the same time the “close up and personal” microphones capture the intense muzzle blast and mechanics of each weapon in stunning detail.


SoundMorph is a new addition to the Independent SFX crowd. They’ve currently got three libraries available (Robotic Lifeforms, Users of Tomorrow and Road Riders) with a fourth one on the way. Of particular not is their “Users of Tomorrow” library, a library of “user interface” elements which includes a custom built software synthesizer that will allow you to generate even more custom sound effects in the tone of the library. Check it out:

Rabbit Ears Audio

REA_012 Winter Atmospheres from Michael Raphael on Vimeo.

This Library is all about cold! The temperatures of these files range from a low of −20°F up to a balmy 35°F. Our Rabbit Ears froze so your ears would not have to.

Winter Atmospheres was culled from some of the coldest forests and wilderness areas in North America. Our frozen locations include: Nemadji State Forest and Superior National Forest in Minnesota, Crex Meadows Wildlife Refuge in Wisconsin, and Algonquin Park in Canada.

The Room Tones Sound Effects Library contains 130 room tones, including 12 rooms presented for the first time in 11.0 Auro 3D sound. All sounds were originally recorded in 5.1 surround sound or 11.0 3D sound and are available as stereo versions.

Room Tones Version 1.0 includes electrical room tones; room sounds with different ventilation noises; room tones with clocks; quiet rooms; specific room sounds etc. All sounds are sorted and categorized.

The Room Tones V01 sound effects library not only includes over 130 different room tones, it also contains the IR1 Impulse Response Set

The IR1 Impulse Response Set contains 54 sets of multi-channel impulse responses, some of them from the same locations as the Room Tone sounds. The impulse responses are intended to be used in creating multi-channel room tone atmospheres. Hence they were recorded in multi-channel format up to 11.0 Auro 3D sound. All impulse responses are available in mono, stereo, quad, 5 channel and 11.0 Auro 3D sound. All available configurations are accurately described and documented.

Boom Library

Get realistic outdoor reverbs – fast and easy – with BOOM Library OUTDOOR IMPULSE RESPONSES

Using impulse responses, you can apply the acoustic characteristics of a particular location to your target audio as if it had been recorded in that place. With our BOOM Library OUTDOOR IMPULSE RESPONSES library, you get 68 great outdoor impulse responses to place your sounds into specific locations and make them sound as plausible and realistic as possible. We recorded a lot of different outdoor locations such as fields, forests, hills, mountains, valleys and urban locations. We have ensured that each recording has a rich and detailed reverb tail to capture every characteristic delicacy of the respective location. All files come in high definition audio (192kHz). Each location is documented with a picture to get an impression of the surrounding area. Watch our tutorial video below to see how to work with BOOM Library impulse responses.

Echo Collective

Squelch in Dub from echo | collective on Vimeo.

Squelch is a full featured interactive radio instrument and sound effects library.

The Squelch sound library is a collection of 6 radios, walkie talkies, and CBs recorded both through the speakers and in some cases through the line outs. Each device served up a broad palette of static, beeps, clicks, squelches, and random idle chatter.

The Kontakt instrument is a unique performable radio device designed for experimentation and discovery of the broad palette of sounds. It also includes a classic spring reverb unit with a custom interface created from a Pioneer SR202W.

Hiss and a Roar

Tim Prebble is now offering his complete Hiss and a Roar collection as a package deal! That’s 16 libraries containing over 17,000 sounds (92GB worth of sound effects). If you’ve purchased some of his libraries in the past, you can even contact him to get a prorated discount! Check out the full details on the Hiss and a Roar website.


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