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Posted by on May 1, 2013 | 2 comments

In Consideration of Time…

Image from Wikimedia Commons Archive, used under CC license as specified by owner "Cannedcat"

April has ended and May has begun. No matter what we do, or how we may try to control it,
time continues to march forward at its own pace…regardless of our needs or wants. Last month, we had a very specific theme. While there was ample opportunity to explore different approaches and uses, everything focused on a particular type of toolset. We thought it would be interesting to follow it up with a featured topic that is open to a much wider range of interpretations. So, we’ve selected “Time” as our theme for this month.

Sample rate and playback speed, time management skills, pacing and flow, tools and plug-ins that operate in the time domain…these aren’t subjects you would normally associate with one another, but they are all unified when placed under the umbrella of “time.” When you think of the word “time” in relation to our work, what do you immediately think of? And a better question…will you step forward to share that thought here with the rest of the community? ;)

If you’d like to contribute to this (or next month’s) theme, contact shaun [at] designingsound [dot] org. Our theme next month will be “dynamics.”


  1. I really like this new way of presenting topics each month! It makes it feel more wholesome to have a theme to dive into each month, Im feeling like i am learning something!:D

  2. Time… that’s so much an intriguing theme!
    It could possibly be an anchor for a dozen of months, I guess. Time and space are our primary existential dimensions, as intended by Christian Norberg-Schulz, and by the greek philosophical giants long before him. And quoting Witold Rudziński, music could be depicted as the art and science of the organization of sounds in time. The “order of movement” with sounds.
    Time is the fourth dimension, the specific space in which a composition takes life, and more of that, we can say that music creates its own space and time.
    There is our internal, human time, and the external, chronological, natural time of things. There is relative and absolute time. A real-time, a perceived time. Linear and cyclic times.
    There are time envelopes in every sound, and we can capture, transform or even programme it all.
    There is a musical time… and rythm, the pace of flowing of experience. Rythm and time mutually refer to each other. Uhmmm… rythm in itself could be another huge fascinating theme for DesigningSound… yep?
    But stop here, I’ve “stolen enough of your time” yet…
    I am eager for next contents, and thanks for your seminal site, so great and well-sound-designed!

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