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Posted by on Apr 24, 2013 | 2 comments

DSP Environment Learning Resources

So far this month; Shaun Farley’s Pure Data Wavetable Synth series and Varun Nair’s pep talk An Intimidating Start have been great introductions into the word of Max/MSP and Pure Data (I wish I had those articles when I got started!). I am still quite a beginner myself with Pure Data (and moreso with Max/MSP) so what I thought I would do is share some links that have helped me down this very long rabbit-hole lined with yellow bricks. It should be noted (or else someone else will) that both Max/MSP and Pd have built-in tutorials and lessons. Please consider these links a suppliment or augmentation of those materials.

My intention is this post to become a sort of living document of cool projects and learning resources for Pure Data, Max/MSP and any other DSP Environment out there. As such: this is going to be an incomplete list. If you have any suggested additions to this list please post them in the comments or email me: jack at designingsound dot org.


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  1. kyma is not listed but anyway check out my blog for tutorials:

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