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Posted by on Mar 5, 2013 | 1 comment

Sound Librarian Announces The Official FMOD Learning Suite

The wise and multitalented Stephan Schutze has announced a wonderful sounding suite of educational tools for the upcoming game audio middleware FMOD Studio. I can’t wait to see it for myself at GDC 2013. Press release below.

Sound Librarian                    For Immediate Release

Sound Librarian Announces

The Official FMOD Learning Suite


Melbourne, Australia-March 2013: Award winning audio production and educational provider Sound Librarian today announced the launch of The Official FMOD Learning Suite.

Developed in close association with Firelight Technologies, the developers of FMOD the world’s leading audio solution for interactive media, The FMOD Learning Suite is the first and only officially developed training program that includes certified course content specifically tailored to the games industry.

Brett Paterson the CEO of Firelight Technologies stated “We have long felt the need for certified training of our products to support the current generation of audio professionals and to inspire the future generations. As the developers of our training manuals and tutorial video series, Sound Librarian quite literally wrote the book on FMOD Studio and I can think of no better team to entrust this product to”

Sound Librarian has created a total solution package for educators that provides a broad range of training material and resources.


FMOD Studio 101:       Introduction to FMOD Studio

FMOD Studio 201:       Certified Training Course

FMOD Studio 301:       Educators Certificate

FMOD Studio API:       Course for Programmers


-FMOD Training Suite student and trainer text books

-A tailored royalty free sound effects library provided to all students

-Example FMOD Studio projects for both students and trainers

-Access to the Sound Librarian global Sound Map

-Access to 101 Video Games You Must Listen To Before You Die

-Access to Sound Librarian recording workshop video series

The FMOD Learning Suite has been developed for a global market to best suit the needs of the industry by working closely with the industry. It provides a flexible class structure that can be adapted to suit the various academic calendars and contact hours of institutions around the world. A content matrix provides trainers with the core subjects to which can be added technical, creative or a mix of exercise material to best suit the needs of each individual class.

Launch Schedule

FMOD Studio 101 will be launched July 2013 ready for the new academic year.

FMOD Studio 201 will be launched January 2014

FMOD Studio 301 will be launched July 2014

FMOD Studio API will be launched January 2015

Come see us at GDC 2013

Sound Librarian will be demonstrating The FMOD Learning Suite at the FMOD Booth at GDC 2013, from 27-29 March. Contact us to arrange a personalized introduction to the course material or visit during Expo opening times.

Press Contact

Stephan Schütze

Creative Director

Sound Librarian

+61 432 107 308

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  1. This is something I would definitely be willing to go through if the price is right. I think that is the major driving factor for many.


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