Loudness Webinar Recording Available

If you missed Saturday’s webinar, the recording is now available. Just click here to load it up.

We had some reports of audio issues, which appear to be due to the service’s compression settings. All of the truly pertinent information is included in the slides that were part of the presentation. So if things get a little difficult to make out sonically, don’t fear that you’re missing out on important data. We’re looking into how we can correct this for future presentations.

At the end of the presentation, I put up a set of URLs. I’m including them here for your convenience:

Listening Examples – A set of 150Hz and 2500Hz sine waves, and pink noise files…normalized using different metering standards (RMS, LeqA and BS.1770). Just right-click and download.

ITU-R BS.1770 – Documents outlining the metering spec

EBU-R128 – The European broadcast recommendation

ATSC-RP A/85 – The broadcast recommendation from the United States

C.A.L.M. Act – Information about the legislation passed in the U.S. regulating commercial advertisement loudness

And, as I said at the end of the webinar, feel free to e-mail me if you have questions or need clarification on anything covered in the webinar. Or better yet, leave a comment below for me to respond to. That way we can avoid repeats of the same questions.

12 Comments on “Loudness Webinar Recording Available

    • Thanks for pointing that out, Rob and Anton. That’s something that has apparently been added since the last time I ran one of these, but it’s not actually asking for a username and password. It’s asking you for a name and an e-mail address. You just need to fill those in, and it should give you access to the recording.

      • And just found a way to remove that, so personal information is no longer required to access it. I guess they just changed the default behavior on that. I’ll remember that for the future.

  1. The voice recording is super low, while the chat noises are deafening… I tried turning them off – no luck, still hear some loud bell sounds.

  2. Also:

    “All of the truly pertinent information is included in the slides that were part of the presentation”

    But I don’t even see the whole slides. Is it something here with my machine?

    Here’s a picture: http://i.imm.io/WvpO.jpeg

    BTW, regarding my above post – seems it was recorded sound. It gets shut off a couple of minutes in.

    • Stenson, I loaded up the presentation to check that issue you were having. I’ve noticed that the service does not adjust placement of the slides based on your browser’s window size (and it doesn’t give you scroll bars either). If I made my browser smaller, I had the issue you’re having. Try increasing the size of your browser window, and see if that fixes it. You could also try the “maximize” button in the presentation window (right next to the magnifying glass button near the top of the screen). Hope that helps.

  3. Hey Shaun, watching it on a bigger screen fixes the issue! Glad I have a second monitor to hook up to my laptop!

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