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Game Audio Podcast AES Coverage


The juggernauts of game audio Anton Woldhek and Damian Kastbauer are at it again with three brand-new episodes of the Game Audio Podcast in which they discuss the AES Conference in London. Spread throughout these 3 episodes is over an hour and a half of Damian and Anton discussing their enviable experiences at the conference. Links and show notes below:

Anton & Damian meet up in real life for first time in 6 years! Hugs & Tears and we talk about whats going on at #AudioForGames #AES London.

Episode 24

Damian and Anton have setteld down a bit and review day 2. But, just to twist it around a bit we start from the end and work our way back. Maybe we’ll add proper notes to this at some point but I’m flying in a few minutes so i’m not missing it for that.

Episode 25

Damian & Anton are back from London. Kicking Back in the most beautiful part of the Netherlands. A small picturesque village called Giethoorn. Talking about how the last day went down. Discussions about procedural, mixing, volumetric sound sources and all the jazz you are used to.
Our interviews @AES will follow soon.

Episode 26

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