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Posted by on Feb 22, 2013 | 0 comments

February’s SFX Independence

Sound Effects Independence continues, and February turned out to be a pretty busy month! Here are the latest independent libraries to released. [That we’ve noticed.]

Chuck Russom FX

Chuck Russom has just released his first new library in what feels like a VERY long time, Designed Whooshes 2. It’s about damned time! ;) [Remember that Chuck frequently gives out discount codes to those who are on his mailing list. May I suggest that you sign up for that?]

The Recordist

Is back with the new Gunscapes HD Pro. I’ll just let the video speak for the library

Echo | Collective

These fine folks have also gone for something a little more tonal and musical in their latest library, Little Boxes.


Tonsturm 09 | Aquaphone is the second aquaphone library we’ve seen in the last few weeks. It creates some truly unique sounds, and Tonsturm has a history of some great libraries.

The Soundcatcher

Andreas Usenbenz has been a little busy too. He’s just released The Glass Smash Sessions, a small library filled with nothing but breaking glass.

The Library by Empty Sea

Empty Sea has just released a new library of “user interface” effects. The Ui One library comes with over 1,400 effects at 24 bit/48 kHz.


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