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Posted by on Feb 24, 2013 | 4 comments

Designing Sound Site Migration Complete!

The year of 2012 was a time of change here at Designing Sound. The wise and talented Miguel Isaza has left this wonderful resource in the hands of myself and the other contributing editors. We have moved to a monthly topic format that has been exciting, rewarding and hopefully insightful. And DS welcomed new blood into the staff in Michael Taylor, Colin Hart and myself.

Now well into 2013 we see no reason to stop this change train. As you might have noticed has undergone a bit of redesign. Some sections got moved or combined, and how we present articles, features, and news have been updated. We hope this new layout will allow us to add more functionality as well as present you with the information you want faster and easier. Special thanks to Vanessa Y Nichols for our banner/logo redesign. All of us would also like to thank our own Contributing Editor Varun Nair for doing all of the heavy lifting of the site migration (Which is immense!  We have close to 1500 articles to move over!). Varun is my hero.

Two more of my heroes are Erica Basnicki and Ian Palmer who are our two newest Contributing Editors here at Designing Sound. We have already seen fantastic work from both of them in the past and are excited to see what they come up with! May all of your articles be on time and free of typos.

Not all changes are entirely happy ones. In order to make the site migration we had to say goodbye to the Noisepages/Create Digital Media family. We would like to thank Peter Kirn for the years of free hosting and support of

Speaking of creating digital music: The topic of March is “Intersection of Sound Design and Music”. We have some wonderful articles lined up this month. So lets keep this train movin’!


  1. Only started viewing this website in the past few months, brilliant and well written articles with great videos and audio examples to boot.
    The new layout and overall design is great, really excited for the new articles to come out!

    P.S This is my new homepage, keep up the great work ;)


  2. Cool layout but check the youtube attachment in the articles, they are all flattened.

    Other then that looks really nice!

    • thanks for the observation, jacob!

  3. Good stuff!
    Two comments on the new design:
    #I miss beeing able to see clearly at the post header if there are any comments and how many.
    #The choosen font looks quite good, but it’s a but large in size. This forces me to scroll a lot more than before, especially on a mobile device with smaller screens. On my iPad the text is almost to large.

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