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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 | 3 comments

FMOD Studio Video Tutorials Now Avaliable

While we still don’t know when FMOD Studio will come out of beta, we do know when some tutorial videos by Stephan Schutze will be available (right now).

YouTube Preview Image

Currently there are 4 new videos on the FMOD Video Channel which cover Interface Introduction (above), Project Setup, Multitrack Introduction and Mixer Introduction. FMOD Studio is a whole different beast than Designer so I would recommend getting a leg-up on these videos.

FMOD Studio is still in beta but can be downloaded here for Windows and OS X.


  1. While I can’t wait for this to be ‘officially’ released, for now I’m going to have to stick with FMOD Designer 4.38 for my audio class lessons.

    Next term, maybe!

  2. Does this app support plug-ins (VST? Audiounit?)? It seems it doesn’t, which is kind of strange for a supposedly advanced audio editor?

  3. @Oivind

    FMOD is a middleware solution for video games. It is mimicking DAWs but still quite a separate sort of program and use. Many audio plugins like iZotope are available for FMOD and more are possible if the developer deals with the plugin manufacturer directly.


  1. ASSG – FMOD Studio Video Tutorials Now Avaliable - [...] Click here to view the embedded video. [...]

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