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Posted by on Sep 24, 2012 | 0 comments

Triple Dose of Blog Posts

First up Rene Cornado has this great post about Quad Miking Dual MS:

So instead of running more controlled experiments with regards to my quad setup, I ended up with a quick and dirty dual MS rig out in the field this past week.

The rig consisted of a pair of schoeps CMC6 bodies with the Fig 8 capsule and the hypercardiod capsule making up the front portion, and a Line Audio CM3 rigged up for the rear M all inside of a big rycote blimp.  The schoeps mics went straight into a 744t 1-2, and the CM3 went through a sound devices M1 and into the 744t channel 3.

Next from Timothy Muirhead is this fantastic article on recording hot air balloons:

I am offering up free downloads featuring 20 different bursts of flames from the hot air balloon burners for readers to use in their own projects.  Except for the start and end, each burst is essentially filtered white noise while the flames are roaring.  Yet the starts and stops can be really useful, if used smartly.  With some creative editing and some judicious use of plugin processing I have been able to use these sounds quite a bit in recent projects.  The bursts were handy as a sweetner element in scene with a large building going up in flames, they allowed me to give the fire some added character.  It also was used in weapon sound design for an anime series I worked on.

And finally from Michael Raphael a quick write up involving a Cambridge Typewriter:

By the time the day was done we had spent over 6 hours in Cambridge Typewriter and we recorded eight typewriters. We managed to record a Royal 10, Woodstock Standard, Olivetti Lettera 22, Corona Sterling, Smith Corona Classic 12, Royal Companion, and an IBM Selectric. It was a ridiculously humid and after that day Tom officially has earned the status of mensch. Tom dutifully typed a variety sequences for us and imparted tons of useful information about each machine.



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