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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 | 0 comments

Free Panel at USC this Weekend

Just noticed today that there’s a free panel at USC this Saturday, starting at 2PM.

Anna Behlmer, Lora Hirschberg and Gwen Whittle will be part of the presenting panel for the, “Cinematic Arts Panel: Take My Job Please! Women in Post Production Sound

A panel of three of the film industry’s top post sound professionals want to know, “Where are the women to take their places?” When the industry went digital and crews got smaller, the number of women seemed to dissipate exponentially. Is it a lack of role models? Are you not getting your foot in the door? Is it related to the seemingly technical nature of the job? Anna Behlmer, Lora Hirschberg, and Gwen Whittle will discuss their work, their career paths, as well as their concerns. In addition the panel will include women who are part of the latest generation attempting to break in. This event will be an opportunity to be inspired by professional women who have made it, as well as hearing from some who are working their way up. Come be a part of the discussion. Get inspired!

Full details for the panel can be found here (as well as the registration link).

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