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Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 | 1 comment

Explosives HD Pro Beta SFX Library Released

Frank Bry of The Recordist has released another library in beta form. Explosives HD Pro was released on September 14 and like his other beta library, this one is at a discount!  Blurb from

Get ready… It’s coming very soon. More than 450 earth shaking explosions and black powder sound effects in High Definition from The Recordist. Here is a small sampling of the many recording sessions from the last 3 years. Don’t miss the blooper clip at the very end of the video!

As many of you already know I’ve been recording lots of Black Powder and other “Explosive” things. Well, here is the audio teaser and video trailer showcasing some of the sounds I recorded and designed from the raw source material.

I personally think these beta setups Frank is doing are great. I hope to see it as a more standard situation for the growing number of independent SFX libraries out there. In a post-Kickstarter world it is nice to see a setup where you immediately get something for your “preorder” instead of just a promise of delivery. Right from the get-go you get what is currently available in the sfx library for your use.

Having listened to what the beta contains currently I am significantly impressed with the collection. There is a wealth of processed and some source files, all of excellent quality. I wish I had this collection for a project I did about 2 months ago! In addition to many sorts of black powder, pyrodex, tannerite and other chemical explosions there is a wonderful amount of black powder burns which will be excellent source material for all sorts of flames, fireballs and Firagas.

I eagerly await to see and hear what Frank comes up with next.

Full blog entry on The Recordist.

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  1. I should just have payroll make out my checks to Frank.


  1. ASSG – Explosives HD Pro Beta SFX Library Released - [...] Click here to view the embedded video. [...]

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