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The Voice Over Story behind Battlefield – An Interview With Tomas Danko

Fantastic interview by Watson Wu over at the RØDE Microphones:


When a gamer plays EA’s platinum selling Battlefield title, they will often remember and enjoy the sounds of numerous weapons and vehicles, but of course great sounding voices from clean recordings also make the game shine. In fact, Battlefield has a huge array of characteristic voices!

With the recent large budget allocated for higher caliber sessions, incredible actors were hired for the latest series. Unlike recording for singing or broadcasting, the days of using traditional ultra-expensive microphones and other gear are starting to shift.

To find out more about this I have interviewed Tomas Danko who is the Voice Over Producer and Engineer at Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (aka DICE) in Sweden.

Tomas was very generous to share with me his years of experience of using various gear for the “best sound”.


Full Article Here.

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